Breath control set with sailor suit and compressed bag & vacuum bed with bloomers

  • Brand: MIRAIDOUGA出張所
  • Model dlvcset-001
  • Video Size: 814×458
  • Data size: 413MB+738MB
  • Video Time: 18分13秒+32分34秒
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ¥6,600円
  • ¥3,850円

  • Ex Tax: ¥3,500円
  • Price in reward points: 3500

I enjoyed breathing control play with compression bag wearing two kinds of sailor uniforms and gym clothes. The fear that the air gradually disappears and the fear of becoming stuck will make her even more terrified. When it reaches the limit and opens, it is her that she starts to move as soon as oxygen is not enough.
From the sailor uniform to the gym clothes Naked from the gym clothes put in the vacuum bed, I closed the air hole with tape and hand and enjoyed breath control play. When the air hole was blocked it was too scary to be in a state in which it could not make a voice. I was delighted to voice out when I was standing in the vacuum bed naked and closing the air hole with my hand and grabbing my chest.
814 × 458 MP4 media

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