Breathplay Torture Girl8 Type_B

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  • Video Time: 40分40秒
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Breathplay Torture Girl8 Type: B
The eighth series.

This work is divided into two parts, Type: B and Type: V, according to the content.
First, Type: Part B. It is a breathing control by a plastic bag.
This model is recommended as it is patiently and quite hard working!

(first half)
Make two hands separately with plastic tape, wrap the plastic bag on the head and try to escape by yourself.
Help is called by itself despite the use of something that is harder to break than regular plastic bags
Desperate to break the plastic bag.
The level of difficulty gradually increases while repeating several times, and the next is to put together both hands and make a round roll.
Finally, put one hand in the bowl and you can use it only for the other hand. Use your knees and break the bag in various ways
However, I can not break the plastic bag with just one hand.
※ Finally, there is a moment, but there is a place where you can see that the lips are clearly purple.

(Latter half)
After constraining your hand above your head and putting it in a bag, put a plastic bag on it to control breathing. This is completely different from the first half
To the desperate state which can not be removed by oneself. It is calm at first, but there is little air of plastic bag originally
While breathing repeatedly, vinyl sticks immediately to the face, and every time I raise a voice that seems to be painful, I feel my limbs
Let it go. The last scene is ...

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