Breathplay Torture Girl6 Gold

  • Brand: マニアック 休憩所
  • Model subt-006g
  • Video Size: 1280×720
  • Data size: 1.02GB
  • Video Time: 36分25秒
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ¥5,280円
  • ¥3,190円

  • Ex Tax: ¥2,900円
  • Price in reward points: 2900

The sixth series.

It will be 2 composition from the relation of recording time and file capacity.
The first part is Gold, which is mainly used for breathing control with plastic bags.

Model who appeared in Breathplay Torture Girl 5 challenged again.
The second time, it is highly recommended that every scene is hard.

-While holding the hand, wrap around with stretch film, and wear rubber gloves from above.
Then put a plastic bag on your head and try to escape yourself.

・ Restrain with hand-cuffs in the rear, and put a plastic bag in a state that can not be removed by yourself even if it is painful.

-Wrap the entire body perfectly with a wrap, restraining the handcuffs later and putting a plastic bag.
Lightly tickle after putting a plastic bag, also recorded several times the scene that starts breathing rough.

・ Restrain with handcuffs in the rear and put on a rubber mask with only a small breathing hole.
After that, disturb your breathing by tickling or blocking the breathing hole with your hand. Furthermore from above the rubber mask
Forced installation of the ball gag. In the end, the gap is breathed out with a lap while the gap is off and you feel relieved
Completely shut off ....

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