Bondage in multi layered sack

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A man wearing zentai was tied strictly inside of multi layered body sacks.

A mistress covered his head with a red nylon bag, and she zipped up 3 thick body bags.

These body bags made of leather and PVC.

He was permitted to breathe from the zipper, but he can't inhale the fresh air at all.


She took more ropes and she tied the body bag.

After then, he was forced to sniff poppers.


Surely, This is one of extreme bondage,

He struggled when he had been left, but he couldn't escape from the restraint.


Genre: Femdom (Mistress)

Model: Yuki (Mistress), Hotaru (Man)

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Tags: Wabi-Sabi-Moe, Femdom, Mistress, Bondage, SM, Bodybag, Bodysack, Suffocation, Breath control, Zentai, Poppers, DID, Fetish