Breath control by Remilia

  • Brand: わびさびもえ
  • Model wsm-006
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  • Video Time: 16分49秒
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Remilia the vampire pets a man kidnapped by her.


(1) The man is bound to a chair and his head is covered with a leather bag.

(2) Remilia removed the hood, then his face gagged and blindfolded appeared.

(3) She soaked poppers into a cloth and she pushed it onto his face.

(4) A latex mask blocked his breath and she treated him by handgag.

(5) She covered his head with a vacuum mask. It made his breath difficulty.

(6) Moreover, his head was covered with a leather hood.


Genre: Femdom (Mistress)

Model: Aina (Remilia), Hotaru (Man)

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Tags: Wabi-Sabi-Moe, Femdom, Mistress, Bondage, Gag, Breath control, Vacuum mask, Bound and gagged, DID, SM, Cosplay, Fetish