Rebreath Rubber Girl 4

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Rebreath Rubber Girl 4

The fourth series.

1. Wear a collar with a candy colored rubber leotard + breathing control mask.
Take a lead with a collar and take a walk while limiting your breathing.

2. Restrained with handcuffs behind hand while taking a walk.
While attacking tits and crotch only of the ripped tears wrapped in a rubber leotard of Pichi Pichi Tecateka,
Only one breathing hole is closed by hand and breathing control of shifting the position of the hole.

3. The back version of the first walk.
Cover the pink breathing control mask on the smoky black rubber leotard and mount the remote control rotor.
Switch on while taking a walk and explore the reaction.
After having taken a walk, lay on the bed and hit the rotor with a hand directly.

Please enjoy the difference between the color of the rose and the smoky black.

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