Rebreath Rubber Girl 3

  • Brand: マニアック 休憩所
  • Model surr-003
  • Video Size: 1280×720
  • Data size: 964MB
  • Video Time: 31分43秒
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  • ¥4,180円
  • ¥3,190円

  • Ex Tax: ¥2,900円
  • Price in reward points: 2900

The third series.

The white ball Amomo is a model following the previous breathing control thing.

1.Cat suit wearing scene
To wear the rubber for the first time, the part of the leg is twisted and can not be worn by any means,
"?" Has appeared in the head.
※ Although I think that the lubricant used at the time of wearing is wrong, please do not worry.

2. A variety of poses in candy catsuit & candy mask
It is full of sights such as the butt and the tits that the rubber just stuck in Tecateka!

3. Pink rubber mask
I tried to put on a pink zippered breathing control mask different from the usual candy color.
The mask is bent a little, but I breathe desperately from the small hole in my mouth.

4. Electric massage blame with candy cat & mask
It is a must-see figure to pant in the electric massage while suffering!

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