Inflatable Whales Imprisonment Placement

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The long moving season is over, and finally the living room of the new studio, where the clutter was piled up, has been cleared

This spacious living room is perfect for dog walking and storage. When asked if she wanted to play with a vacuum bed or an inflatable whale, she chose the vacuum bed, while I definitely used the inflatable whale

Because a bunch of accessories for the vacuum bed have not been unpacked yet, and they are all crammed into the utility room

In the midsummer of the south, even with air conditioning, entering the whale is undoubtedly a sweat bath

After inflating the whale, the strong pressure makes the sound of TOKIME sharpen, and the breathing hole emits a sharp whistle, like playing an instrument

There are also coyotes inside, making the placement process full of joy

During the journey, they also used Lantian glue to form a ball and block the breathing hole, and placed the whale on their feet as a footstool to increase the pressure

Although I knew that my weight on the whale would make Shiyu inside suffer, I still couldn't help but get on it. Shiyu said that she almost died

Finally, I placed it, locked the zipper, and went out for afternoon tea

After about half an hour, I came back and unzipped the whale. It was full of heat and sweat, and TOKIME was almost exhausted. It took a lot of effort to climb out

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