Latex Inflation Restraint Suit

  • Brand: Studio Bling
  • Model Latex_Shot_001
  • Video Size: 1920× 1080
  • Data size: 315MB
  • Video Time: 17分26秒
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ¥990円

  • Ex Tax: ¥900円
  • Price in reward points: 900

I recently ordered a set of inflatable bound jackets with folded legs. Actually, I also need to fold my hands inside, but I can't see them

As it is a testing version, the version is not the final state, so it is first used to test the user experience

The zipper can be pulled up to the front crotch, so it is not difficult to wear and does not require oiling, which is very convenient. However, the design of straightening the ankle after folding the foot requires a certain degree of flexibility, and it is easy to feel numb and cramp when folded continuously

After being fully inflated, TOKIME could not even do a simple roll, and the inside was also oppressed and unable to move at all

I originally wanted to add an inflatable header, but the header leaked, so this time I had to use a metal header first

After adding a header, there is no human appearance at all

The zipper on the front crotch can accurately align with the position, making it very suitable for vibration

The next revised version will shoot the main film, so it will be great to wear a gel coat first and then fill it with lubricating oil before entering

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