Insulating Tape Mummification Human Dog

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Recently, the studio is preparing to relocate. The new venue has just been renovated and cleaned, but has not yet been occupied. Such an empty room is the most suitable for K9

The new venue has a long straight distance, and it's not easy to crawl across both ends. I've tested it and it takes 20 steps to walk

This time, I prepared a box of insulating tape to turn Shiyu into a mummy-shaped dog

It's still a bit difficult to fold hands and feet, especially to protect the elbows and knees, otherwise, it will be difficult to move without direct contact with the ground

But even with knee pads and double-layered elbow pads, Shiyu still climbed with red hands and feet, and the pain made her scream as she climbed. This is the later part of the plot

After an hour of wrapping, the TOKIME finally became a mummy-shaped dog, which stood out in the empty room

First, let the dog guide us around and show us the new venue. The dog obediently began to follow my instructions and climb in the direction I pointed

The obstruction of the tape made it unable to crawl flexibly, and by the time it had circled the house, the puppy was already exhausted and making uncomfortable noises

Seeing it struggling to obey my last command and lying down to rest with my permission, I heard its panting breaths, but this little dog still lacked exercise

After allowing the dog to rest briefly, I put on its K9 headgear and collar, secured the leash, and began the dog walking routine

As long as the dog couldn't keep up with my speed, I would pull it hard to make it speed up. In order not to be pulled by the neck, it had to continue to climb, even if it was too tired to lift its feet

After a lap, the puppy was already crying, so I put down the leash and let it rest. Unexpectedly, just after a short rest, it jumped onto me and pawed at the leash with its front legs. It's such a cute and obedient puppy that it deserves a reward

After a shocking reward, she still can't reach the top. Next is another small game

The game is that the tape is completely sealed. To be rescued, you must reach my location before tearing off the tape

The first time, the puppy was very smart. After being sealed up, it immediately started crawling towards me. Because there was a small amount of ventilation in the eye window, it was able to see. So the second time, I also sealed up its eyes

The second time was obviously much more difficult, and being unable to distinguish directions became a major obstacle. I still gave it voice prompts, and finally reached me before it died. As soon as the tape was torn off, it gasped violently

For the third time, I increased the difficulty level without providing any hints, and watched it search aimlessly

The third time, it failed and had to accept the punishment of biting practice

After the punishment, comes the final reward. However, this time, the reward is also equipped with an inflatable mouth plug, which is connected to a breathing tube and then to a breathing bag

Maintain the kneeling position of the puppy in this state and then receive a shock reward

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