PVC Doll Breath Play

  • Brand: Studio Bling
  • Model KIG_036
  • Video Size: 1920×1080
  • Data size: 855 MB
  • Video Time: 51分34秒
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  • ¥2,970円

  • Ex Tax: ¥2,700円
  • Price in reward points: 2700

I recently purchased a PVC COS suit and only wore the basic base coat of the COS suit, which is this one piece full body suit with gloves

The charm of PVC material is no less than latex, and it is the XP material that can be encountered from a young age

PVC tights have no elasticity, so TOKIME has to work hard to put on the clothes. The clothes are very tight and close to the body, which unkindly covers up the characteristics of girls

I will first put an open hood on her for easy operation, and then put on the full head of the Moon God

Paired with straight black hair and a shiny black body, it looks more like a search officer, but it's just an inflatable doll shape

The material of PVC is very smooth, and it feels very good to the touch. Unconsciously, I hold the core of the doll straight along my open chest

The twisting and moaning of the doll's sensitive body stimulated my nerves, so I handcuffed her to the sofa and started playing with her formally

The plastic bag is placed on the doll's head, facing the backlight, creating a stunning scene

Suddenly, I felt that it was not interesting enough, so I took off the head shell and put an inflatable plug on TOKIME's mouth. This is really an inflatable doll

A doll wearing an inflatable plug, with the tube of the air valve extending from the edge of the skull and chin, ready to be pinched at any time

This mouthpiece has been modified by me, and after entering the mouth, it is positioned further back than a regular mouthpiece, so pressing it a few times will directly reach the person's throat

After being pressed 4 times, this doll began to make a nauseating sound, which stimulated her vibration and made her sound more pleasant

Of course, you also need to use a plastic bag, throw the doll's ponytail and air valve tube into the bag, tighten the belt, and watch her performance quietly

The doll, who has gone through several breaths, struggled weakly with its mouth filled, and its dull breathing became louder and louder, leading to an increase in physical resistance

Finally, there was the vibration reward section. This time, I didn't expect to be taken by the doll along the way as a prop, so I ended up taking myself to the sky

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