Breathplay and MouthAbuse Tape Wrapping Mummification

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The confidential shipping of the title is just a meme on the internet, and there is no shipping plot this time

As the saying goes, although I feel exhausted every time I try to make a mummy, after a period of time, my heart will crave it again

Well, following the advice of my group members, I tried buying white cloth based tape. The cloth based tape has fiber threads inside, which are very strong and tough

This time using a sitting position to hug your knees, don't think this action is very comfortable. If fixed for three hours, your whole body will become numb and unbearable

This time, let TOKIME go to battle. Before formally starting to wrap her body, she also played with her white rabbit greedily. It felt very good

Wrap the fresh-keeping film first, and then slowly cover TOKIME's body bit by bit

Sitting position provides protection for the body, allowing for effortless tightening of the adhesive tape without worrying about strangling the internal organs of the body

After the upper part is wrapped, lay TOKIME down and expose her round buttocks. I can't help but take a puff and listen to her scream

The winding of the lower body is troublesome. It took a little time to fill in the area one by one. TOKIME has indicated that his hands are numb

After wrapping the lower body, I planned to try a new wrapping method by fixing the head and body together

The tape is output crazily. It is glued at one end of the body and stuck on the other side of the body through the top of the head. After repeatedly sticking for a circle, TOKIME's head can no longer move

Now her whole body only has the smallest space left for movement, and only her mouth can open freely

But soon even my mouth was tightly glued together with a piece of tape

The only way to breathe is gone. TOKIME is very nervous. I know that the adhesive tape and the plastic wrap can not be completely adhered to. There will be a little breathing space inside. As long as you breathe hard, you can break a little of the sticky cotton between the plastic wrap and the skin. So I haven't untied her even though she behaves badly

TOKIME's instinct for survival made her break through the sticky layer, and finally she got a narrow breathing space, but she was also painfully trying to breathe

The second time, I stuck the tape harder, but it was also broken by TOKIME, good guy

The third time, I directly tied the tape around her mouth and nose three times with force. This set of movements was very relaxing, and the feeling of tying people with force was really good

This time, the rain is more painful than before. This strength is not easy for her to break through

In the second stage, I have recently developed a liking for harsh oral environments, where I randomly check the mouth of a non resistant tape mummy

Suddenly excited, several times inserted too deeply, which led to TOKIME's nausea

This time, I want to do a cruel operation. Insert the penis straight into the throat, and then wrap it with tape. In this way, the penis will always be against TOKIME's throat and cannot protrude

As a result, TOKIME couldn't hold back and vomited a lot. Last time, the vomit was invisible in the headdress, but this time it was visible. In order to keep the picture beautiful, only a small part of it was recorded at the beginning

It took a long time to clean the body of the mummy TOKIME, who was unable to move all over the body. She cried in the tape and could not wipe her tears. How pathetic! Last time I took off the headgear, I was relieved, but this time I still can't get rid of it

So it's customary to reward time by cutting a small hole for the vibrating toy to reach directly, and not forgetting to add a breathing tube stopper to her mouth

Even during the reward period, one will suffer from call control torture

The last tying method is to bury TOKIME's head to his knee and wrap it all with tape

The curled up figure of a complete package has been completed, giving it a meme of "confidential shipping" online

This action involves TOKIME's head and neck, and under tight constraints, he accepts another climax reward

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