The life of a best friend 01

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The female protagonist is a senior student, and her roommate's best friend always doesn't stay overnight in the dormitory. So the female protagonist wants to ask her where she works part-time. After her best friend tells her work address, she goes there the next day.

After arriving, the female protagonist found that the door was not closed, so she walked in and found that someone was tied up and still wearing stockings. She quickly went over to untie it.

The woman who was bound was covered in multiple layers of silence. The female protagonist heard her say "don't leave" while binding her, and comforted her while loosening her.

Who knew that after unraveling, the woman scolded her severely. It turned out that she had just said "don't unravel", and the female protagonist had heard it wrong.

At this moment, my best friend walked in and realized that the woman was here to experience the service, while my best friend was a female rope master.

The next day, my best friend came with a list about kidnapping a burly man, so they all

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