The most precious birthday present Blessing of Pillow

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Although today is my birthday, I still live alone in the apartment outside the school. My close friends have returned to their hometown for the Spring Festival, so there is no need to celebrate. It's just that my younger sister is attending another university in the same city, but unfortunately, she can't come due to some business, which is a bit disappointing

My younger sister is the child of my stepmother and has no blood relationship with me, but we grew up together and our relationship has always been very close

Suddenly knocked on by the courier, I saw a large cardboard box outside the door, but I didn't find any trace of the courier

The cardboard box is almost 2 meters long and tightly wrapped. Placing it in the hallway hinders most of the space. It's better to push it into the room first

Who knew that the box was not the average weight, and I struggled to push it through the door, which made me even more curious about what was inside. Isn't it a prank from a friend?

I used a small knife to cut open the tape that sealed the box and slowly opened it

Inside is an equal body pillow, wrapped in layers of protective film. However, a typical equal body pillow is only 160 x 50 at most. This one is actually 180 x 80, with a piece of writing paper attached to it

It turned out to be a gift from my younger sister. I secretly felt happy for a moment. It seems that the girl didn't forget my brother either. It's just that she gave me such a shameful thing as a pillow. I have already placed one on my bed

I thought happily as I opened the cardboard box and tried to lift the pillow out, but it failed. It was really heavy, it must have weighed tens of kilograms. How could there be a pillow as heavy as a body pillow?

I finally dragged the pillow out of the box and placed it on the soft carpet. Next, I need to remove the protective film, which is wrapped in several layers and provides excellent protection. In order to avoid scratching the pillow, I carefully took a long time to remove all the protective film

At this moment, I seemed to see a slight fluctuation in the middle of the pillow. Is this the kind of high-tech pillow?

Careful caress of the pillow, the feel is really good, it seems to be even softer and smoother than the 2way material, but there is no sound coming out, isn't it a black technology pillow? Or is there still a switch?

This is such a good pillow, it was given by my younger sister. I definitely need to cherish it. I've been studying all morning and I'm quite tired. Let's take a nap with it first

In fact, at first I couldn't sleep at all. The amazing texture, combined with the familiar aroma that seemed to be absent, kept stimulating my nerves, almost making me excited

Just as I was putting my head on the pillow, I suddenly heard a muffled groan from the pillow

It's a girl's voice, what's going on? Is there any high-tech inside this pillow? Or is there a real Chinese person inside?

Okay, today I have to take a look inside. I fumbled and found a zipper on the side. After opening the zipper, a red object was inside

Surprisingly, inside was a red humanoid restraint bag that was one person long. The straps on the restraint bag were tightly fastened, outlining a clear humanoid shape

I couldn't help but caress this humanoid sleeping bag, which felt very soft and could touch some human details. At this moment, there continued to be a dull hum and a rapid breathing sound coming from inside

So it wasn't an illusion just now, there must have been a living person inside

So to put it this way, the person inside is... I suppressed the ecstasy in my heart, but my body faithfully responded and continued to vigorously caress the sleeping bag

At this point, the person in the middle could no longer hold back, twisting their body recklessly and completely abandoning the role of filling. The heavy breathing sounds kept coming and going, as if feeling uncomfortable

After all, she had just stayed under such a multi-layered package for so long, which should be very unbearable. I still pitifully opened the zipper on her head

The zipper opened, revealing the face of a doll, very delicate and cute, while it was gasping for breath

Is this the legendary kigurumi? Even the tight fitting clothes have almost no wrinkles on the neck, the skull is delicate like a BJD doll, and she is also wearing a cute maid outfit

My younger sister, as a doll, presents me with a gift, which allows me to maintain this subtle excitement for a while longer

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