Full Leather Medical Dressing Funnel Irrigation Head Bonadge Blowplay

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Recently, Guangdong has experienced a sudden freezing weather.  Without the magic attack of heating, it is temporarily impossible to wear rubber, so recently, I have been playing with zentai and leather

There was a warm sun on this day, but it turned cloudy in the afternoon.  Even with the air conditioning on, it was still not warm enough to wear just a rubberized zentai, so I needed to add a jacket to keep out the cold.

The leather clothes are just right for restraint.  Last time, I couldn't wear them because it was too hot.  This time, they come in handy.

The heating effect of the air conditioner makes it feel even drier.  Even when TOKIME is fully wrapped in clothes, her mouth soon becomes dry and cracked because her nose is covered with a waterproof film.  She can only breathe through her mouth.

A body coated with glue and leather, topped with an additional latex headgear, is extremely captivating.  The light falls on her chest, forming a unique reflection, and if provoked, one can see protruding small bumps.

Look at her breathing mouth.  Just after applying lipstick, it began to dry and crack, so some moisturizing methods should be taken

Using plastic bags to create moisture is a good method.  Simply place the bag over her head, use the collar band of the straitjacket to fasten the bag closed.  This way, the moisture from TOKIME's breath will slowly condense inside the bag, creating mist, achieving the effect of moisturizing and nourishing.

After a while, I opened the bag and saw that the beads were hanging on the hood, and my lips were much redder.  The effect was remarkable.

TOKIME has a bad habit of not liking to drink water, and she always has to be reminded to drink it. This time, I thought of a way to fix her problem.

I used a printer to create a funnel with a slowly narrowing inner wall and a barrier layer to prevent water from flowing too fast and causing choking.

Before that, it is necessary to seal the mouth and nose to prevent water leakage.  Similarly, a medical waterproof film is used to cover the mouth and nose together, so even if you try to breathe hard, it will have no effect

Sure enough, after being labeled, TOKIME started to feel uncomfortable and shook her head wildly.  I asked her to open her mouth wide, but with all her might, she could only open it a slit.  I poked a small hole through the slit, and only then was she able to breathe freely and deeply.

After putting on the head cover again, I inserted the funnel tube into the small hole and sealed the edges with plastic wrap and tape

The air tightness is OK, now TOKIME can only breathe through the funnel.  In other words, if you want to breathe, you have to drink all the water.

The breathing through the long tube and funnel barrier is quite labored, necessitating deep, large breaths to be smooth.  In this manner, TOKIME's hands were tied behind her back, and she knelt on the ground, beginning to prepare for water filling.

The first time, a small amount is poured in to allow TOKIME to adapt.When the water flows into the funnel, TOKIME's breathing is immediately stopped.  Through the transparent tube, one can see the water slowly flowing towards her mouth.  After adapting, the water flow begins to speed up, likely due to her inability to tolerate the lack of breathing and increased suction force.

But when it's best to quickly suck up the water, I may not control it well and still choke on the water, coughing uncomfortably for a while

The second time, more water was poured, and it stopped just before spilling out of the funnel.  Through the barrier and the long tube, TOKIME endured the pain of not being able to breathe and struggled to drink it all.

So far, I have finished 1500ml of water, and the last time I finished it with vibration.  This time, the water supplement should be enough.

Even so, winter still requires some nutritional nourishment.  Use a head-bound mouth opener to fit TOKIME, the mouth of the opener is made of soft silicone material, and the opening is made relatively small...

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