Cheongsam of Mid AutumnDay Everything can be Compressed in Vacuum

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On the night before she is going home for a long vacation, I plan to have her take a photo of a qipao to send as a greeting for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

TOKIME's body shape is quite suitable for wearing a qipao, and she also wears it regularly. It is very elegant and intellectual. With the assistance of KIG leather, the lines of the qipao are fully displayed

After taking pictures happily, seeing the vacuum packing bag of mooncakes, I was inspired to play with the vacuum bag

TOKIME always obediently accommodates my suggestions and voluntarily climbs into the bag. This time I have thought of several ways to pump out the air, but let her directly enter first to warm up

As a result, I was not satisfied with the first warm-up, and I directly asked her to start the second warm-up. After a series of operations, the first part of the warm-up took more than ten minutes, and directly put TOKIME on the ground.

It seems like it's been a long time, maybe I've been watching other teachers' videos about vacuum bags and got a little carried away

When I told her that she still needed to enter 3 times, but in different modes, TOKIME was a little surprised

The first mode is a quilt, a 6-kilogram cotton quilt, which is very thick and comfortable when folded and placed in a vacuum bag

When the air is pumped out, the quilt will form a human shape, which I like very much, especially when there is a KIG cheongsam girl inside

The pressure of air pressure will cause the quilt to shrink to its limit, which will then compress the human body, and the head will be compressed against the face, which can be painful

And there are also remote control props inside, and the sound of the thick quilt is really nice

After the first mode ended, TOKIME lay in the quilt and rested for a long time. Because the quilt was very comfortable, he inhaled a lot of oxygen after lack of oxygen, and people felt sleepy

At this time, she suddenly suggested that why not roll up the quilt, she had played like this when she was a child

Sure enough, this little girl has a tendency to love things. Since she made a request, it must be fulfilled

After rolling the quilt tightly around her body, she should tie it tightly with a belt, a pillow? It appears, and the plunger is inserted into the vacuum bag, and the air is pumped out

I waited until the big pillar was rolling around and jumping around before I untied her. She curled up in the quilt, breathing heavily through the thick quilt

The second mode is the luggage compartment. The cheongsam is not easy to get in, so let TOKIME change into daily clothes

TOKIME later said that the air extraction and compression of the vacuum bag would also compress the luggage, further squeezing the body, but the space inside the luggage was still very large, and there would not be a big problem with breathing.

PS. Maybe the vacuum bag for the suitcase is too big this time. Prepare a small one next time

The third pattern was originally a whale, but this largest vacuum bag could not fit a fully inflated whale, so we had to give up and change to a PU sleeping bag

This time, I require that TOKIME stay inside for 10 minutes.

After 5 minutes, TOKIME's breathing became rough, and I reminded her that there were still 5 minutes left. She seemed very desperate

At 6 minutes, she was already able to fight her way out. In fact, keeping her strength and breathing calmly could have lasted longer, but the situation at the time made her unable to think rationally.

At 7 minutes, her cry was a bit ominous, so I opened the bag and found that her breathing hole had slid to her eye, which was the most fatal injury causing her difficulty in breathing

TOKIME said, "At the end, it seemed like I saw a blue humanoid come out, and then a group of creatures in the water swam towards her. Then the bag was opened, a rush of oxygen came in, and the image disappeared, followed by a wave of drowsiness."

There's no way out. If you can't complete the task, there must be punishment

Me: I haven't finished the task, I need to come back for another 10 minutes (joking)

TOKIME: Ah!? (Shake your head)

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