Zentai Stockings Bandage Sleeping bag Waterboarding

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The hobby of wrapping mummies can cause itching in the hands after a period of time. Since you haven't used self-adhesive bandages to wrap them all once, why not give them a hard time

When TOKIME looked at my shopping cart, he was curious and asked, "Isn't it a bandage wrapped mummy? Why buy so many things?

Adhering to the principle of never explaining to her, she didn't know the purpose of those stockings until before filming began

I bought an extra pair of super long single tube stockings, a pair of pantyhose, and a customized PU sleeping bag this time. Of course, the self adhesive bandages purchased in bulk are indispensable

Wearing Zetai silk stockings did not have the expected stockings. Single tube stockings could be worn from bottom to top all the way to the chest, which had already brought a great sense of tension to Shi Yu. According to her statement, she had never thought that stockings could still be used like this

The other single tube stockings are covered from the top to the bottom, and both hands are also covered, which can reach up to the ankles. Although I don't fully control the stockings, the feeling of these two stockings completely tightening and wrapping people is really interesting

Watching TOKIME in this state, I couldn't help but bully her and add a swimming cap to practice her breathing

After playing lightly for a while, I continued to package the task. I rotated between black and white and needed to put on a pair of black silk pantyhose

When the pantyhose was pulled over her head, it was very tight. At one point, the elasticity of the pantyhose on Shi Yu's back was too tight to stretch her waist, making it difficult to stand steadily. She quickly pulled the pantyhose on her back and tied the opening behind her. The double layer of stockings wrapped the staff was completed

At this point, Rain's face was already a bit uncomfortable under the pressure, but she was strong enough to persevere, so the formal package began

Wrapping a standing mummy is not too difficult, and self-adhesive bandages are also very useful. However, it is important to be careful not to pull the bandage too tightly when wrapping the chest, as it may compress the chest and cause breathing difficulties

This time, two layers of bandages were used to wrap the entire body, and the head was repeatedly wrapped recklessly. The breathability of the bandage was good, but it was still difficult to breathe when it rained after covering multiple layers

Because the soles of the feet were tightly wrapped, TOKIME stood very unstable and there was a risk of falling at any time. Therefore, a rope was temporarily tied and a lifting point was used to lift and assist in balance

Unexpectedly, this became another nightmare for TOKIME. As she still couldn't stand steadily, the hanging rope became a chain that deeply trapped her body. I used this as a trick to regain her balance, shaking the rope to disrupt it. Finally, when she fell forward, the rope grabbed her chest and TOKIME let out a tragic wail

After that, she kept roast that I only tied a single strand rope to her, which made her bones ache

After enduring the hardships of tension and restraint, TOKIME fell to the ground. After a round of struggle and play, the bandage broke a bit and TOKIME relaxed a lot, so she couldn't relax

Slowly wet the surface of the bandage with water, allowing the bandage to gradually penetrate. The water slowly seeps in, and there are also two layers of stockings and headgear inside. It must be very uncomfortable to get wet with water

Stepping on the head covered in bandages with rain, the moist surface, and a hint of airflow from the soles of her feet, listening to her breathing being obstructed by the soles of her feet, as well as the dirty stains on the bandages after being stepped on, gave me a feeling of blackness in dealing with the victim. The next step is to throw her away and bury her

I'm a bit involved in the drama. I saw a puddle of water on the ground that had just dripped, so I flipped TOKIME over and pressed her face against the water, feeling like a prisoner being interrogated for confession

The original plan was to put the bandage together in the PU sleeping bag, but TOKIME was about to cry by now, so she had to first remove the bandage and then put it in the PU sleeping bag

The PU sleeping bag is also quite tight, but unfortunately it still doesn't fit well enough. It seems that latex sleeping bags are more fun

Lie down and hold the PU humanoid sleeping bag with a swimming cap on it, listen to her breathing sound, maybe she can really fall asleep, there's no way, command her to rub me with her body to keep me awake

Finally, Shi Yu threw down her swimming cap and slowly appreciated her breathless twisting

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