Fitness Puppy Withstand electric shock and Breathplay On the treadmill

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The trend in the world is treadmills. Under the appeal of many group friends and fans, I also bought a treadmill. The purpose is very simple, and it is definitely not for normal use.

This time, TOKIME refused to write any more essays, so I wrote them instead. However, before writing, I interviewed TOKIME extensively about her feelings

Originally, I wanted to use a rubber suit to match this issue's K9, but considering that the rubber suit would be too restrictive for TOKIME's movements, I adopted the rubberized ZENTAI solution. In fact, even the rubberized ZENTAI was difficult to crawl on the treadmill. Before the shooting began, TOKIME practiced for a long time to adapt to staying on the running belt

(It is not possible to compare with foreign players. The muscles used in crawling are different from those used in daily activities, and individual differences also have a significant impact)

When Yu said she was ready to practice, I put another layer of latex headgear on her ZENTAI headgear to ensure that the gas mask fit closely to her head. Then I put on the dog's head and the pose was complete

The time-changed dog obediently climbed onto the treadmill. I gently reminded the treadmill of the countdown and the running belt began to start

The dog's vision was affected by the extra headgear, and it was a little uncomfortable to climb. I lowered the speed to 0. 5km / h to let her practice again. Once adjusted to 1km / h, the dog struggled a little and seemed to be struggling to crawl

I told the puppy that if he falls off the running belt, he will be punished with electric shock

At a speed of 1. 5km / h, the dog was startled and crawled with all its strength to stay on the running belt, but finally fell off because of physical exhaustion

The puppy also got her punishment, being given electric shocks and having to continue crawling under electric shocks

Seeing that the puppy kept crawling with its head down, I had a sudden idea to connect the lifting point to the button on the top of her head, so that she could only be forced to raise her head and not fall behind, otherwise her head would be pulled up

After climbing for a while, seeing that the puppy was exhausted, I let her take a break and stroked her as a reward

But it's far from over. Put the dog on the gas mask and connect the negative pressure bottle

The negative pressure bottle perfectly combines with the image of exercise. The pulsation of water pressure reflects the short breath of the puppy, which soon makes it impossible for her to continue crawling and falls off the running belt, knocking down the support of the negative pressure bottle

In this case, punishment is essential. The puppy was shocked by the negative pressure bottle and stimulated by me with vibration props, almost causing her to fly up

But you can't ascend yet. The hardest part is the last part, the crawling of the breathing bag connection

Although there is no sound of water pressure, the expansion and contraction of the breathing bag has a more controlled tension. The puppy immediately whimpers and expresses discomfort, but it is forced to continue to crawl and cannot stop

In the end, the puppy fell off the running belt and fell to the ground, unable to get up again, shaking his head in protest. But the punishment was agreed upon. At this time, instead of untying her bag, I stepped on the space of the bag with my foot and continued to use the vibration props to further stimulate it, causing the puppy to soar

The following is a quote from the interview with the dog:

At that moment, I had already entered the blank mode, busy breathing and being stimulated, and it was a direct GC. Then when you pulled out the breathing bag, you suddenly felt a lot of oxygen inhalation, and the whole person went from one state to another, also ascended to heaven, feeling like another kind of GC

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