Heavy Waterboarding Double layer stockings and Zentai Water spray and immersion

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Summer is a time for playing with water. I want to take Shiyu to go diving and shoot an underwater theme. Unfortunately, Shiyu can't swim yet. I have no choice but to teach her to swim first

The arrangement of swimming teaching has been delayed for various reasons, so I want to play the water torture in the bathtub again, and call it letting Shiyu feel the water first and do breath-holding exercises

Still unfamiliar with water, Shiyu was still very nervous after hearing this. For this reason, I also prepared a nose clip for her to ensure that she would not choke on water. After that, she only needed to control her breathing properly and use her mouth to breathe.

When I arrived at the booked guesthouse, I was disappointed to find that there was no large shower head pouring water from the top down, which would have made the shower less effective. But there was nothing I could do, so I tried to remedy it with my skills.

Shiyu took out a diving mirror and said that she must wear it. Let her wear it

With the protection of the diving goggles and nose clip, the time rain wearing the headgear looked a bit like a non-human shape, and she felt more at ease. She began to wet herself with the shower head, but hesitated to shower her head.

I grabbed the shower head and poured it relentlessly onto her head

Immediately, the cloth on the mouth began to cling to the mouth, and as the rhythm of breathing expanded and contracted, Shiyu's voice began to resist, pulling away the tightly attached cloth with both hands to seek smooth breathing

Of course, she can't be so free. She wraps her hands with cling film and continues to pour water on her head

This time, Shiyu can only endure silently, trying to open his mouth and breathe through the wet headgear, and the vibration of the water becomes the accompaniment to the sound of breathing

Remove her diving goggles. For one thing, it's not pretty. For another, it can't make her feel too bad.

After some water flowed away, I immediately sprinkled it again. Every time I sprayed water, the time became longer and longer, and the sound of Shiyu's resistance became more and more obvious

If you think it's not enough, what if you wrap it in a layer of plastic wrap and then sprinkle it with water? Let's experiment

The process of sprinkling water after wrapping the plastic film seems not as painful as directly spraying water, but there will be more water in the plastic film after the water is sprayed, causing longer lasting damage

Then cover her head with Shigeru's silk stockings. Silk stockings are very absorbent. Adding more layers of silk stockings will surely increase the pain.

Sure enough, after watering, Shiyu kept shaking her head, not sure whether to resist or beg for mercy. Her mouth could only be kept open all the time, and every time she exhaled, some water was squeezed out. She later said that every time she breathed in, she would drink a mouthful of water, and she had to spit it out at the same time when exhaling.

After playing with her for so long, I finally got her into the bathtub. Rain is a bit leery about being pushed into the bathtub, so the first time I pressed her head, I held her tightly by the edge of the bathtub, keeping her neck tense. As soon as I let go, she immediately rushed out of the water to breathe heavily.

Of course, they have to tie their hands so that they cannot struggle, and they still put on a layer of stockings. Then slowly lift the hands back, and the body of Shiyu will be slowly pressed down to the water, completely unable to get out

We also took an underwater shot with GoPro, which is very interesting because the head surrounded by stockings is bubbling all over.

Then there is the double-layer stockings, which can double the effect. After several adaptations, Shiyu is not as nervous as she was at the beginning, so she thinks about making her move bigger

Without informing Shiyu in advance, I pressed her down into the water again while pulling her feet back, so that she was lying in the water and unable to get up on her own

In the water, Shiyu can only keep waving, perhaps to express her tension or to ask for help

Finally, I tried to wear a head-type gas mask underwater and found that it would take in a lot of water and even when it left the water, it would retain a lot of water to hinder breathing

When I heard Shiyu say that the nose clip had loosened and wanted to ask for a new one, I didn't agree and asked her to lie on her back and go into the water

For someone who can't swim, it must be very painful to lie on her back and enter the water, but she could only silently endure it because I held her down with my hand

Until the moment of water, she first shook her head crazily, probably to get the water out as soon as possible, and then began to cry

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