Today it is latex maid doll for domestic servants, with a cleansing cream spray covering the entire

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Minasang, this is TOKIME~I was forced to write this small article (journal)

Finally, I received a picture. It's also my first time wearing a full head, which is really a bit heavy for me. Let's consider it as a neck rehabilitation exercise. But this style of kim is really beautiful~

I haven't worn glue for a long time. This time I was wearing a gel coat, a white maid dress apron, and a pair of black square toe high heels. At first, I was worried that wearing only an apron would not match, but I didn't expect it to look pretty. I don't know if I poked you. Now she's a latex doll maid

Sure enough, when I put on maid attire and started working, I was ordered by Shanshan to mop the floor (akimbo). Alright, then I'll really mop the floor clean!Dragging along, I heard my gasping voice getting louder and louder, and it started to heat up. I tried to finish dragging the floor, and finally was allowed to rest. During the rest, I found that a few drops of sweat had been left behind from my neck (it seemed like I was sweating from wearing a gel coat for the first time, even though I had turned on the air conditioning this time)

After the break, Shanshan asked me to lift up my apron, and I was still wondering what to do. I already felt that he was holding a rope wrapped around my waist, and then took a detour from below to the backIn a moment, my buttocks were wrapped around a few ropes, and there seemed to be something in a sensitive area. The end of the bundling was followed by a vibration, and Shanshan said that there was a place where the detachment was not clean enough, so she asked to go there and drag it again. What? Is this the right state to goBut if the flowers don't obey, they may get spanked and have to tremble to wash the mop. The faint vibrations below make me both comfortable and uncomfortable, and I don't want to work at all!It's still so hot, but I don't have the energy to think about whether it's hot or not anymore. Fortunately, the mop gave me a little support to stand still. After holding on for a while, Shanshan even increased the vibration for me. How could this mop the floor!It's really hard to hold on, squatting down will feel better, but the feeling of shaking when squatting down is actually greater, but I can no longer stand up. I don't know how long it took, but Shanshan came over and helped me up. I leaned against him all over to keep standing. Relying on him to vibrate gives me a sense of security, but then he pressed the vibrator harder under me, which was very comfortable but also wanted to let go. I won't tell you here/////

After resting for a while, I put on a very, very, very tight corset. I planned to put it on and it felt good. Its built-in collar made it difficult for me to lower my head. Now, I am asked to lie down on this big guy, which is a very comfortable position and also makes me want to rise. My waist is very comfortable because I don't need to exert force, so I can raise my buttocks high, But the chest in front is too big, which is a bit difficult. Combined with the skull, I have to side my head to feel less uncomfortable because my hands are already constrained and I can only rely on the strength of my neck to find a comfortable position. As before, the panting became louder and louder, and suddenly my butt was hit twiceI don't remember how many times it was, and then I heard the sound of plastic covering my head. My breathing became even more uncomfortable, and I could only hear my breathing getting heavier and tiring. But the vibration of my lower body made me forget to be tired. Every time I touched the most sensitive part, I could feel my own shaking. This kneeling motion had no room for me to struggle or avoid, and I could only let Shanshan play with it

Later, I took off my waistband and replaced it with a latex headband. This headband has two layers, one with an opening on the inner layer and one with a mouth stopper on the outer layer. After wearing it, I can only make a whimpering sound. Sometimes Shanshan asks me questions, but he even knows I can't speak and asks me (hum). After wearing it, I changed to a lying position, but due to the blockage in my mouth, it can cause more saliva to be secreted. The lying down movement is not easy to swallow or discharge saliva, and I am very afraid of being choked by saliva again. After lying down, I continued to be waited on by the vibrator below, really afraid of choking my mouthSuddenly, I felt cool and smelled a scent of milk shining on my body, caressing it. My breathing seemed not very smooth, but I didn't feel blocked. When I inhaled, something entered my nose and I realized it was cream. Fortunately, it didn't flow deep like water, but I didn't dare to inhale too hard, so I had to keep breathing a little,, But cream still gets into my nose, and this feeling is very subtle. The vibrating stick below hasn't stopped yet, flickering and constantly caressing my body. His hands are warm, but cream makes me feel icy, with various tactile and temperature sensations. I don't have words to describe it to you anymore. After a while, I was pulled up and went to the restroom. He made me squat down and continued to spray cream. I couldn't see anything, but could only hear the sound of pattering on me. At this point, I was exhausted and heard the sound of water again. Fortunately, the water temperature was very comfortable, but there was water flowing into my mask and nose, and I began to feel uncomfortable again, I wanted Shanshan to stop and not look at me in the face, but all I could do was make a whimpering sound. I don't remember how long I was drenched, and finally I heard Shanshan ask if I wanted to come out. I quickly nodded and said, "So you know how to do it...

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