Five minutes Six minutes Eight minutes Masked Maid Vacuum Compression

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Since the beginning of the year, Shi Yu, a naive girl who gradually experienced various games, has entered the field of vacuum pumping

Although the vacuum bed is ready, it is still necessary to start with the vacuum bag step by step

Unexpectedly, this start was not gradual at all

Suddenly, I really wanted to see Shiyu wearing a maid's outfit. I felt that the maid would look very good when she entered the vacuum bag, and then I put on the mask of desire peach. The discontented and coquettish maid completed the task

Shi Yu had already learned to enter the character and consciously touched the silicone mask tightly against his face with both hands. He opened his mouth and extended his tongue to touch it with his fingers, as if someone had changed inside

The face of this mask was once resisted by Shiyu, but under a hard grinding and soaking, Shiyu obediently accepted it and still enjoyed it

Yutao also gave a small mouthball as a gift, but it was a bit small and felt average. So, she used a standard size mouthball to put on the mask maid. Yutao's mouth was not large, and the standard mouthball had to be forcefully inserted to block Shiyu's mouth together

The temperament of the Peach Shaker M, whose mouth has been enlarged, has doubled. The peach colored lips paired with black mouthballs are very eye-catching

After the ball was blocked, the maid's voice became even better. I couldn't help but play with it first, asking the little maid to lift her skirt and use a new vibrating toy to stimulate it

Shi Yu said that he is most afraid of being stimulated while standing, feeling that his legs may fall to the ground at any time due to weakness

The new vibrating toys are also very awesome. They are light and powerful. The head has great curvature, which can better fit the body

Next is the real vacuum bag process

I tied the maid's upper body with a rope and pulled her chest out from behind her hands. Without the support of her hands, the little maid struggled to move into a vacuum bag and lay down with her legs folded up. After I comforted her a few words, I pulled on the sealing strip and started preparing to breathe

Shiyu's endurance is really good. The high-power exhaust fan has been running for a long time, trying to extract the remaining little air as much as possible, and Shiyu did not hum to stop

Finally, I felt that I couldn't pump anymore, so I stopped the vacuum pump. The compression of the vacuum bag was already very tight

The masked maid wearing a mouthball quickly began to respond, stuttering and making uncomfortable noises

It wasn't until the exhalation of my mouth moistened the bag and caused water droplets to form, and the maid's voice became louder and louder. I opened the bag and asked her to release it. I looked at the time, 5 minutes

I asked the little maid about her condition, but if she couldn't speak, she nodded and said she could continue

So we started the second time, this time after extracting clean air, we immediately used the vibration prop

The little maid's regular breathing is immediately interrupted, and she follows the frequency of the vibration to twist her body. Simply press down on the vibrating head, bend it tightly against her body, and the little maid will emit a scream

After a struggle, Shen Kou came to an end for the second time in the future. Despite being disrupted by breathing, he was able to persevere more than the previous time, and it seems that he can still exert some force

The little maid was lying in the bag tired and almost asleep, so she immediately picked her up and interrupted her rest

I took out the repaired small black head, which has a large space and can cover the desire peach. This way, the little maid became a three-layer enclosed doll maid

Because the small black skull is relatively fragile, it needs to be protected with a soft cushion. Be careful to let the baby maid enter the bag and lie down, so she can't wait to start inhaling

The doll being vacuumed has extremely high viewing value through a plastic bag from the outside. Due to the fact that the head shell does not have any air holes, the exhalation of rain hits the lens when it is sealed in multiple layers, and it keeps fogging

Watching the struggle of the doll, I couldn't think of words to modify it. The compression and compression effect of the vacuum bag is truly captivating

With a ruthless attitude, I was still watching when the doll finally tried to hiss

After finally opening the bag and removing the heavy cover from Shiyu, she fell into a daze and said she didn't have the strength to get up and wanted to fall asleep immediately

Zentai couldn't take it off, so I had to stretch out the clothes covering her nose and let her breathe smoothly, so I slept for more than ten minutes

Later, he chatted in the group and was asked how he felt at that time. Shi Yu said, "If you take regular breaths with small mouths, you can hold on longer". "If you stay in the bag longer, you will faint if you stay in the bag for point estimation."

-Games should pay attention to safety. Vacuum games require rich experience, and everyone should not imitate them easily, let alone play on their own-

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