TOKIME‘s Inflatable series The placement game of inflatable whales

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Looking back 5 years ago, I had a great liking for inflatable whales. At that time, they were not yet available for sale in China, so I made them myself

Years have passed, and I recently discovered that a studio has customized products with excellent craftsmanship and design. Especially, the upper and lower air chambers are very advanced, which is more than ten times better than what I have made myself

The so-called upper and lower air chambers are made with separate layers at the bottom and top, and people inside will be fully compressed by 360 degree inflation without dead corners

What I used to do was the upper chamber, and the process of the lower chamber was completely unknown

And it's still through the mouth, giving me a feeling of swallowing pills. It's amazing (what I used to do was through the abdomen)

Such an attractive whale, of course, wants to get started right away, but unfortunately, the boss informed me that the custom order will be arranged until July 2024

The fervor was extinguished, but there was no other choice but to wait silently

But the incident took a turn in February when the boss told me that there was a dropped product that was ready for sale in the form of an auction

Excited, of course, we can't miss this opportunity. With the heart of winning, we successfully won this inflatable killer whale in the final bargaining

On a rare and leisurely evening, Shi Yu wore a gummed coat with her mouth exposed and prepared to let her enter the whale

Because in whales, the entire head is filled and compressed, making it impossible to breathe, it is necessary to expose the bite of the breathing tube and connect it to the whale's ventilation port in order for humans to breathe

When I first received the goods for trial use, my mouth shifted and I didn't align it with the air change port, causing Shiyu to enter a fully controlled state. Therefore, I added a long hose to ensure safety. However, the air change port is not large enough and I need to find the smallest caliber hose online to pass through. Therefore, relying on this hose for air change is quite difficult

This whale is said to be a specially made trumpet, which is also the reason why there are relatively few people bidding together. Shiyu also struggled to move in little by little until he put his feet on the whale's tail, reached into the fins, bit his breath and mouth, and the entire entry process was completed

After zipping up, start inflating the lower air chamber first. Use a high-power inflation pump to inject air, and the entire whale will be cushioned, making it more comfortable for people inside

Then there is the upper air chamber. When the upper air chamber is inflated, it can be seen that Shiyu begins to struggle with discomfort, indicating that the entire body is compressed very tightly after the space inside is completely filled

Inflation and extraction are different. Although both cannot move, extraction is a passive compression, and the pressure comes from the contraction of the latex. Inflation is an active compression, and the pressure of the air is greater than that of extraction. The high pressure brings about the effect of changing the body's movements, and it is impossible to maintain one movement like a vacuum bed

According to Shi Yu's later description, her waist was straightened, her ankles were flattened, her face was completely pressed tightly, and even the metal breathing holes on the tight fitting headband pressed dents on her skin

Of course, I didn't know about those outside at that time. I just started playing the game and using whales as footpads was quite comfortable. I didn't forget to take photos of her and share them with the group

The thin hose makes a sound like a flute when the air flows, like the chirp of a whale cub when it approaches its mother

Just press and hold the breathing hole with your hand, and the sound of the flute will stop and switch to a muffled and deep Koushen Koujin sound

Group friends have said that placement must be done with coyotes, and arrangements must be made. As long as the gear is raised, the whale will sway left and right, with its fins and tail constantly flapping, like a helpless little whale stranded on the shore

The biggest struggle was when Shi Yu changed his position from supine to prone, and then entered the whale again, making the prone position more interesting

Cover the breathing tube with a soaked towel, like cooling a feverish whale, and then continuously raising the coyote. The little whale struggled fiercely like dancing on the floor, raising its head and tail more vigorously than when lying on its back. The sound of the rain gradually thickened, making it seem that the feeling of difficulty breathing in the dark and tight state inside was very painful

After about an hour of call control and electric shock, Shiyu was finally released. Although she was just lying down, it also consumed a lot of Shiyu's energy. The stuffy heat brought by the whale's double layer PVC plastic and adhesive Zentai also made her dizzy. This time, that's all for now. Who told her to make a mistake today

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