Beautiful Latex Body Multiple Breath contrlpaly

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After almost two months, Shi Yu finally finished her final thesis section in university and returned from another city

Originally, she said she would go home first and come back to me in a few days. However, the night she just got off the plane, she couldn't wait to run over

I am very excited, after all, I have prepared many sets of styles and equipment waiting for her to try them on. However, due to the delay, she arrived in the early morning, so I asked her to rest first and wait until the next day to take action on her

The next day, after trying out a new KIG design, she picked up the newly customized gel coat and unpacked it

Unexpectedly, when I unpacked it, I found out that the evil boss had made me a zipperless version. I had planned to have Shiyu wear the adhesive for the first time and try ordering the one with a zipper. Now that it's ready, I can only help her wear it hard

For friends with less experience, it is important to be cautious when ordering without zippers, otherwise it is easy to discourage them

Shi Yu took off her clothes and faced me, giving her a little bit of gel coat, which was somewhat shameful. She shyly covered her body while wearing it, causing me to rely most of the time on her to put it on

After successfully putting it on, Shi Yu continued to massage her body and limbs. When I asked her how she felt, she replied, "It feels like it's fused with her skin

Just as I was applying glossy oil to her body, I could already hear her panting slightly, probably because the latex felt very comfortable to the touch

Put on a restraining suit for her, change into high heels, and then wrap her head in gauze (gauze is the result of her recent addiction to balanity)

Wearing an inflatable headband again, a completely enclosed and restrained figure is completed

Slightly lift it with an iron chain. When I can't wear high heels, I feel a bit unstable and stumble to find balance

Faced with this perfect body, I couldn't help but feel for it and take out the vibrating toy to enjoy the two-month suspension of trading for Shiyu

Actually, I am also thinking in my heart that this little girl has been running back for so long, and this time she will come back and torture her severely

The inflatable head cover has been reinstalled with the internal breathing tube, which is connected to the three breathing holes on the top of the head for breathing, and the sound will also be emitted there

So, use adhesive tape to form small plugs and plug all three holes together

Shi Yu immediately felt something strange, and both his voice and body responded, as if opposing my approach

I won't easily open my breathing hole and quietly watch from the side

It wasn't until her voice began to thicken and her body began to stand up, unlike ordinary struggles, that I pulled out three plugs. At this moment, the gushing airflow and coughing sound came out, indicating that the saliva accumulated while biting the respirator was choking during intense breathing

Take off the inflatable headband for her, revealing the bandage that was previously wrapped. Because the white bandage does not match the gel coat, insulating tape was wrapped around the bandage again

The tape head on the swimming cap is a perfect match. The two materials can fully fit and are not easy to slip off

I put my swimming cap on several times, getting tighter and tighter each time. The last time, it almost reached the back of my head, and there was only a little breathing space on my face

Shi Yu struggled to breathe in that little bit of air, her adorable gasps slowly turning into painful cries. Even so, I didn't plan to let go of her yet

Ask her to say words of begging for mercy, but Shi Yu struggled to say one word at a time, losing all her strength to speak, so she took off her swimming cap

Later, Shi Yu said that she really wanted to speak, but as long as she said one word, she didn't have time to breathe. If she said a few more words, she might immediately lose her composure

Also, Shi Yu said that K9 is the favorite, and this time it will definitely include the latex humanoid dog step

The last time I used the newly purchased breathing headgear, I felt like it inflated like a dog's head. This time, I used the headgear throughout the K9 process

Wearing a breathing hood, Shi Yu began to be ordered to crawl. The holes in the hood were relatively small, making it difficult to breathe. In addition, with a bent arm crawling on the ground, just a simple circle made Shi Yu gasp heavily

I held her with some pity and lay on my lap, opening my breathing hole to help her relax

Finally, with a mouthball, it was worn on the breathing hood, not only restraining the bulging breathing space, but also allowing saliva to stay inside the hood

In a moment, the sound of rain's breathing filled the sound of water, and saliva had already resonated with the breath in the hood

To be honest, it's really not easy to let go of this latex humanoid dog. However, according to statistics, even with the photos taken before shooting, Shi Yu has been wearing a gel coat all afternoon and has been playing with it for nearly two hours, so she cannot be spoiled at once

Opening the tape and bandage on the head, Shiyu felt like his eyes were about to go blind, and it took him a long time to stand up and take a shower to take off his gel coat

Unexpectedly, the dry skin of Shiyu didn't sweat a drop in the gel coat. The gel coat really fused tightly to the skin, making it extremely difficult to remove

So it took even more effort than dressing to take off, it was a tiring day for both of them

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