Hotel bathtub Latex YuTao Doll

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The gel coat I ordered for Xiaoyue has finally arrived. In order to fit Xiaoyue's passionate personality, I ordered her a set of metal red colors

After making an appointment with her that day, I first put the clothes and props in the room, and then went out with work

I received Xiaoyue's message later, allowing me to return to the hotel and say there was a surprise

Opening the door and entering the room, I found a fiery red doll standing in front of me

The red gel coat is very eye-catching, paired with black corset gloves and boots, and she wears a newly bought peach mask on her face, exuding a trembling temperament

She pulled me to the bedside and knelt neatly in front of me, wriggling her body as if eager to start the game

Immediately, her hands had already swept away from my body and unexpectedly pushed me to the bed. It was the first time in so long that I had been pushed down by a girl (as if)

I will immediately resist, or should I make her kneel for a while and play with it under my hands

Take out the vibrating toy and prepare to play with her. Unexpectedly, she grabs it with one hand and uses it on her own. Watching Yutao's expression perfectly match

After playing for a while, she pointed to the breathing hood on the side and gestured to put it on for her

Putting a latex mask on the mask of Yutao is not a simple operation. The two materials rub against each other very hard, so it needs to be put in bit by bit

Later, due to the wig being too thick, the hood was zipped up and the neck was pulled, so the wig was removed and a breathing hood was put on

I have been fantasizing about the scenario of using a simulated mask and a semi transparent breathing hood together for a long time, and today I finally put it into practice

Watching a simulated fake face vaguely visible under the contraction of the headband, people couldn't help but become restless. Occasionally, they use their hands to tighten the headband tightly against their face, making it impossible for them to breathe

Breathing under the hood took a lot of effort, and Xiaoyue finally felt weak and collapsed in my arms

After putting on her wig again, she immediately stood up and pushed me down again. Forget it this time, let her play

She leaned across and pressed on me, with the vibrating toy next to her stuffed between our bodies, turning on the switch

This experience is still my first, and among my many props, I have hardly experienced it myself

Rather than experience, I was watching her graceful posture, warm gel coat and broken expression on my body, as if watching a striptease performance

After a while, she picked up her swimming cap from the pillow and tried to put it on herself, but it was still because the wig was too thick and slippery, and she couldn't put it on. She also laughed and made me laugh too

Helplessly, she still had to take off her wig, so she smoothly put her swimming cap on the mask. With the vibration below, she took a little breath with her fingers at the limit of her breathing, and then forcefully pulled down to make the swimming cap fit her face better

I have never tried being ridden by a girl before, and this matter needs to be sorted out. So I put on a single glove for her, made her lie down, started a round of SP output, and beat her crazy

Then put a gas mask on her, fold her feet in half, and press her back with standard movements. It's a kind of revenge

The obstruction of breathing and multiple strong stimuli have almost exhausted Xiaoyue's physical strength. I gave her water to take a bath and relax

Xiaoyue is still giving it away, so she pulled the zipper up to her chest. This front zippered gel coat cannot hold breast implants, so this time it's a real chest battle (although it's flattened a lot by the gel coat...)

Xiaoyue, who entered the bathtub, still couldn't forget to wriggle and showcase her beautiful latex body. I started feeding her with a small radish, so Xiaoyue used vibration toys to perform tidal performances in the bathtub time and time again

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