Gupse Mummification Hard Cage Fully built in vibration toy

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This shooting has been guided and tested for safety by experts. Please do not easily imitate it

It seems that at the beginning of establishing the studio, some friends have been calling for plaster themes, but due to feeling that plaster is too messy, they have not considered it

Recently, I saw a girl playing with polymer bandages on Twitter, and the hard outer shell of the bandage after solidification worked very well, so I had the idea of trying it out

In China, only plaster bandages can be found as a replacement. Plaster bandages are fixed bandages used for fracture and trauma. Similarly, they are soaked in water before wrapping around the body, and once they dry thoroughly, they can become a hard surface

Tell Xiaoyue this idea and implement it without any difficulties. Xiaoyue is also a girl who likes to try new things

On the day of filming, the venue should be covered with plastic cloth to ensure that it is not contaminated. Originally planned to use cling film as a base, I consulted with the TUI leader the day before and found that the plaster bandage needs to be attached to the gauze bandage for better adhesion, otherwise the weight of moisture will cause the bandage to slip during the binding process

Fortunately, there was a gauze bandage given by a group of friends before, which can be used immediately. Thank you very much

In April, Guangzhou was humid and stuffy. In order to ensure safety, Xiaoyue was not allowed to wear a full bag. Moreover, due to the hard and non adjustable nature of the plaster, ensuring breathing is the most important thing. If there is an unexpected situation, it cannot be disassembled immediately. If you are interested in trying, please make sure to take prepared measures first

First, wrap Xiaoyue's body completely with ordinary gauze, and wrap several more laps around her head and chest for protection. Wrap a few laps of bandage glue around the areas with large movements to ensure that the bandage does not peel off

And then the most important thing is to put on a plaster bandage

Soak the plaster bandage from the beginning, cut it short to connect the head to the body, and then start wrapping it. Each time it wraps around the chest, let Xiaoyue take a breath and hold it, leaving space in the chest position to ensure that the plaster does not compress the chest and cause breathing difficulties after solidification

The process was very difficult and exhausting, and I underestimated the pollution ability of gypsum. Soon, I was covered in gypsum powder, like a decorator

Xiaoyue, who had been standing in a fixed position for a long time, gradually felt uncomfortable and hoped to lie flat after being tied up. The heat from the plaster also made her feel a bit restless

Finally, I wrapped the plaster around my calf and could flatten her, which was also a technical task. Without a helper this time, Xiaoyue's body couldn't bend, making the process of lying flat a bit awkward

After lying flat, wrap her feet completely, and the entire plaster mummy is complete. Then let it sit for a minute until she is completely dry

Helplessly, on the day of filming, the weather is humid, with humidity reaching 90%. Some parts that absorb too much water have not completely dried out

After testing, the head and upper body solidified well, so I started playing and placed the object on the mummy's body. I used my phone to connect the vibrating props inside the little moon's body

This time it was a prop that entered the body. I don't know if the binding time was too long. The prop was on standby and connected for a long time before finally connecting it. It almost scared me to think I needed to remove the plaster and start it

As soon as the vibration was activated, it felt like the soul was being activated. The stimulation of entering the body and external stimuli completely elevated the level. Under the hard shell, this humanoid mummy made a sharp mouth sound, and the immovable body could only weakly sway, expressing the moment when she finally welcomed the enjoyment

I took out the remaining gauze, soaked it in water, and laid it on the mummy's mouth, creating a breathing obstruction. Her voice immediately became muffled

Continuously switching the vibration mode, slowly stimulating the mummy, her shaking increasing

She changed to a thicker cloth and folded it in half over the mummy's head. She slowly watered it with a water bottle, and the mummy kept giving a refusal response. However, she couldn't resist, so she had to let me wet the cloth and adjust the vibration to the maximum, watching her unique tidal performance

The tidal state of Xiaoyue is quite unique, with her waist raised and maintained for a period of time before she relaxes, relaxes, and suddenly gasps for breath

After checking the time, Xiaoyue stayed inside for 2 hours. It has been almost 5 hours since she was tied up. Her physical strength is almost exhausted, and mine is also exhausted. Before everyone gets tired, quickly dismantle her

I even teased her when I opened it, and her reaction was very interesting. Finally, there was a short interview

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