The climax performance of Zentai girl

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It was said that the studio once again welcomed an interview with a little sister. It was a first meeting experience, and I thought so at first

"This little sister is from the circle, but she is from the circle next door. She has some experience, but she has not yet tried romance."

"I wrote her an experience plan, but she only expressed some concern about call control."

Under my repeated guidance, she agreed to experience once, so she agreed on an experience time

When I met her, I found that she belonged to mature Yujie Feng, but she was a little shorter than Shiyu

We chatted for a few moments, and she took out a black zentai full coat and said she bought one casually the other day to learn about it. Today, she planned to wear it for an experience, and asked if she could capture the experience process

I took over the tights and took a look. It was a regular size XS, hoping it would fit

Miss, after changing her clothes, she wanted to put on her headdress immediately. It seemed a bit awkward and she wanted to hide it immediately

"I stopped her first, saying that if I wore Zentai, the mouth props wouldn't work."

She said, "Can we use something to block it?"?

Of course I can. I happen to have a lot of gauze and sports bandages

Rub the gauze into a ball and insert it into the little sister's mouth. Her oral cavity does not have much space, and when she fills it halfway, it feels clogged. Slowly knead the gauze inside evenly to fill the entire oral cavity, and then force it in a bit more. The little sister reluctantly holds the entire gauze ball

She then wrapped a self-adhesive sports bandage around her for several times to make the cloth more tightly blocked inside, and then put on a hood for her

Following the usual shooting process, I started this experience by sliding my hands on my little sister's zentai. Although it was a custom sized dress, the fabric was also very smooth and comfortable, and the tactile feel of the fabric made her gently twist

When my hand touched her chest, I found that it felt very soft, and two solid fruits made my clothes bulge. It turned out that my little sister had also taken off her underwear

She likes SP, and every time she reacts very strongly, it seems that it can really stimulate her

Let her enter the state and start trying out the call control project she is worried about. First, use a single glove and restraint belt to restrain her, so that she can only rely on me to rescue her, so as to build trust

Let's start with a simple one, put a breathing hood on her, and then use vibration props to stimulate her

To my surprise, the breathing hood didn't have much impact on her, but the response to shaking the props was quite significant

It may be due to the thinness of the fabric. My little sister is being shaken and turned upside down. It seems that this is her passion

"Because I kept my mouth shut and couldn't communicate effectively with her, I simply escalated my difficulty and took out the silicone swimming cap I hadn't used for a long time."

Without her knowing it, she put it on her front face, but it didn't work on her first attempt. The front face left room for her to breathe, and the little sister didn't seem to have any time to realize what it was, but from the sound and struggling movements, she didn't seem to be quite right, and quickly shook her head to say no

"She didn't use it at all to signal discomfort, so I put on my swimming cap a second time, this time more tightly, pulling it from my chin to the back of my head. There was already little room left, and I immediately used the shock."

--------------There is a high energy position here. The second time my little sister felt like she couldn't do it, I pulled off her swimming cap, but the vibrating prop in my hand didn't stop. After being released, I didn't have time to take a good breath, and my response to being shaken was very impressive-----------------

The third time, I gave a firm hand and forcefully pulled the swimming cap to the position of the back neck, using it as a fully sealed hood. The swimming cap was shaped like a little sister with her mouth open, with only the position of her nose in the undulating breathing space, as well as the never-ending vibration and stimulation. At this time, I could not distinguish what her voice represented, which was refreshing? Or is it uncomfortable?

After finishing the swimming cap session, I asked her how she was doing. She nodded to indicate that she was okay and could continue

I tied a back strap for her so that she could breathe slowly

Continuing with the plastic bag segment, the previous swimming cap gave me too much excitement, so I immediately wrapped her in a plastic bag, tightly tugged at the opening of the bag with my hands, and tightened the excess space with my hands

The bag part was also used three times, and the last time I untied her and asked her to DIY with the props herself

"My little sister completely let go of her nature, and after some action, my face turned red and my heart beat. I put a plastic bag on her and watched her performance closely."

Finally, when she said no, she patted the plastic bag, and I immediately untied it, thinking that she was about to end. However, the vibrating props in her hands were still useless, and she even played with herself more strongly

"I was very shocked to record on the side, unwilling to stop the machine until she completely collapsed."

Unzip her tights. The bandage is completely wet. My little sister has been gagged for more than two hours. Later, her mouth became numb and she couldn't speak quickly

"This experience, she showed her true self, and I was more like a spectator watching a performance."

"She said her name has the word" yue ", so I'll call her Xiao Yue. I hope I can see her performance again in the future."

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