Mummification Chair Three hour rubber belt bondage

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  • Video Time: 61分29秒
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The title says that the whole film is three hours long, because the time is too long, and the baling process has been edited. The whole film also has 61 minutes

I haven't wrapped a mummy for a long time. I have forgotten the tiredness of wrapping a mummy, so I want to practice it again

Because the first few sisters are quite resistant to taped mummies, they feel very afraid of tight bags and sensory deprivation for a long time

So Shiyu confirmed again and again. After getting her consent, she began to work carefully, for fear that she would shout to stop if it hurt

When the weather gets warmer, it's even a little hot, so I suggest that it rain all the time

This time, wrap the human shape before wrapping the human chair, and then put the human shape on the chair and bind it together, so that the body can be integrated into the chair

The whole baling process was very smooth, and there was no accident to worry about. Shi Yu said that she would fall asleep several times in it. It seemed that she was relieved to become a filler

Finally, after two hours, there was a black human-shaped chair in the open room. In addition to seeing her mouth, her whole body was wrapped with tape and tied with the chair, leaving only limited and ineffective little struggle space

First, I took out the tape secretly, approached the figure quietly, and suddenly closed her mouth without warning and covered it tightly with my hand

After being sealed by the fully fitted adhesive tape, the human form will have no air and make a tiny cry for help

After tearing off the tape, the figure will open its mouth and breathe. That's right. Today's project is to abuse your mouth

Mouth ball seems to have little impact on human shape

The opening device is restricted by tape. The whole face of the human figure will be tightened every time the opening device is turned up, and the voice feedback of the human figure can be heard every time the opening device is pressed

The four-way breathing tube changes the direction of breathing in a whim. The front door can be glued to the mouth with adhesive tape. It looks more integrated. It is connected with two thin tubes and glued to the top of the head. There is an alien illusion. The breath tone of the air passing through the thin tubes is higher and better

Breathing tube inflation plug, the product of the last time I played with vacuum bed, has always liked this design, and can also connect the breathing bag

Pinch the inflation valve four or five times for the human figure, listen to her voice getting sharper and sharper, activate the vibration prop stuck in place, connect the breathing bag, and admire her beautiful posture

Three hours later, I saw that the state of the rain was a little low, so I immediately opened it for her

There was sweat all over it. Shi Yu said that he felt thinner


Later, I asked Shiyu how she felt. She said that the mouth abuse part was damaged, and there were no other problems. She also said that she could stay longer

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