- New blood × Inexperienced - Cosplay girls' hobby is pet acting?

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It happened in October 2022. On that day, I was bored and mechanically brushed on the microblog, and my eyes were scattered on the screen

Obviously, Weibo has no information that can capture my eyeballs, so please change to Twitter?

Just as I was about to close the microblog, I accidentally clicked into a girl's microblog. There were photos of myself in cos clothes in the microblog, but unfortunately it was a face blocking shot. However, in terms of body size, it should belong to the small, soft and cute type

At this time, I found that there were two pictures in the girl's microblog, which was recognized by experience at a glance as the result of the attribute test

Click to open it. It's amazing

M attribute full table?

Fetish 100%?

Slave plays 100%?

Where did you get the treasure girl!!? Could it be a dummy!?

After a lot of trouble, I decided to send a private letter on the principle that I would rather kill than let go

However, one month later, the little sister didn't reply at all

I also think it's really a zombie fake number. Give it up

However, in December, I suddenly found that I had received her reply

So we began to communicate. She is an ACG full of anime, and soon became familiar with common topics. We had a good chat with her, and talked about meat and vegetables once

During her college internship, she has been concerned about letters and fetishes since high school, but she has never told others, let alone any experience, about her character from home to bone, and has been silently watching

Then she said she liked pet acting best and would like to experience it if she had the chance

Everything went well, but on Christmas Eve two days before the scheduled time

Unfortunately, I had no choice but to spend a few hard days and begin to recover gradually

So the shooting plan has been delayed until now, and the latest little sister will be welcomed at the beginning of 2023

She once recommended a short animated play to me. I liked the name of the heroine, so I used it on her


This shooting met Shi Yu's requirements and prepared a K9 suit for her. Considering her first attempt, first give her simple ordinary crawling equipment, dog's palm and knee pads to let her feel it first

At the beginning, the rain was very shy, and the scene was a little awkward. The most effective solution was to immediately let her wear the glue coated ZENTAI, which only opened her nostrils and mouth, and the opaque fabric had no sight at all

When there is no line of sight, the rain is much more stable, and she is in a state of arbitrary manipulation. Let her crawl around to adapt, guide her by the way, and use words and actions to hint that she temporarily puts aside human dignity

Shi Yu is still clingy. She climbs up to hold her thigh and says she is used to it. She can accept the real K9 suit

After replacing the folding K9 suit of the BM family, she stayed with me. I started to stimulate her with vibrating props to see how she responded

The sensitivity of rain is very good, but the location range is very small. You need to find that point slowly. Once you find a touch, her reaction will increase

Qianggao had a good time. Next, she had to play with her mouth. Take off the dog head cover with the mouth ball and put on the mouth opener

When I pulled out the cover of the opener, Shi Yu stuck out her tongue very cooperatively. She was really shaking and licked my hand hard

As long as the lid is plugged in, this mouthpiece becomes a saliva collector. After playing with it and opening the lid, the saliva from the rain usually flows out. However, she still tries to keep most of the saliva in her mouth. It seems that the human dignity cannot be completely put down

The highlight of course is the call control. I asked her to do the plastic bag test herself in the chat before, and she did it several times immediately, and got a score of 3-4 minutes, and said she would not be afraid

This time, let her get used to the breathing headgear first, but it is necessary to crawl with the headgear, which is a test of physical strength and stamina. However, Sister Shi Yu still completed the task under a series of harassment from me

The last challenge was the plastic bag. After all, it was the first call control under restraint. I prepared an opening for her so that she could relax halfway

In this way, Shiyu finished three plastic bag experiences, each time becoming stronger and stronger. At the last time, he cried a little

The above is a brief record from knowing Shi Yu to her first shooting. Shi Yu will often meet with you in the future. She is a pure~energetic~hardworking sunshine girl. Please support her

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