Multi layer & Close to face & 10 MinuteV acuum

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Tracing back to the vacuum bag that KOKO tried in Latex-024, he inadvertently bought a very small bag and forced KOKO to squeeze it in. The strong body curl led to a short stay time. This is KOKO's statement

According to this statement, "as long as the vacuum bag is large enough, I can stay for a long time"?

In order to verify the truth of her statement, she immediately bought the largest vacuum bag, which was used to pack a large doll, with a length of 2.4 meters. It is estimated that two KOKOs can be put into it

The weather in Guangdong started to get cold, and she was very unfriendly to gel coat. She was worried about her body temperature loss during wearing

Recently, I like this headpiece with a tooth cap best. It is not only totally closed, but also has a fixed breathing hole in the nose tube. The tooth cap limits the pronunciation, and it can also play with the tongue wrapped in rubber. Again, everyone, the mouth part of the headpiece is closed, and the tongue is also a false tongue

After wearing the binding clothes of BM, KOKO wriggled slightly in the warm winter sun. I gently played with her false tongue and covered her breathing hole to remind her to enter the control link immediately

Put the latex breathing cap on her head. The breathing hole of the cap is deliberately not aligned with the nostril, so that it is close to the face when inhaling

Look at each hard inhalation, the wrinkles and contours of the latex, the sound of saliva overflowing from the dental braces, and the sound of the vibrator, making KOKO feel soft and sit on the ground

But the game just started

Give her a comfortable seat and put a 1.3 meter vacuum bag into it. KOKO needs to bend her feet slightly to prevent the vacuum bag from clinging to her nostrils when it shrinks. Wear a black head shell to protect her

This posture is comfortable at first, but when the air is pumped away, the feet cannot balance all the time due to the heels of high-heeled shoes, and then the whole body needs strength to maintain the movement

Of course, I didn't forget to stimulate her in this process. After two times of air pumping, KOKO made a sound that had never appeared before, like breathing or shouting. Maybe the braces in the head cap made her unable to make normal voice

When the sound became like the cry of an animal cub, her body became weak and could not keep moving, so she quickly opened it to rescue her

Then there is the carefully prepared extra large vacuum bag. KOKO just needs to lie in it comfortably and accept long-term closure

Suddenly, I just put the sofa into the vacuum bag. The space is more than enough. The sofa can be restrained by the pressure of vacuum

After KOKO climbed in by herself, the air was quickly taken away. She was as quiet as a doll lying in it. The ups and downs of her abdomen suggested that it was a personal girl

The process was omitted. When KOKO's sharp gasp appeared, her whole body was shaking

Open the bag, KOKO kept twitching like an electric shock

After calculating the time, I stayed in the bag for 10 minutes, breaking the studio record

-KOKO recovered after a period of rest. You don't need to worry. After the shooting, you won't unglue to take pictures of her. Please see Twitter for details-

-This time, because it was dark at the end of the shooting, the temperature dropped, so it brought a relatively fierce reaction. I suggest you pay attention to the warm preparation when wearing glue-

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