Human Compression Plan

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Since the emergence of vacuum packaging technology in the 1940s, it has brought mankind another space in the world. There is no air in this space and it is dark. Time seems to stop inside, and aerobic organisms cannot survive

Compared with the two-dimensional vacuum bed, the vacuum cabinet really creates this space. The surface uses the high toughness of latex. This space can compress all objects in its body, so that they can only maintain a static movement

Use a latex female figure and place it in the vacuum cabinet. To ensure that the figure can keep moving for a long time, sponge cushion must be placed at the bottom of the cabinet to increase the implementation time of the plan

The cabinet wall is equipped with a rubber inflatable mouth plug, which is built with a breathing tube to ensure the safe breathing of the human form. Pressing the inflation valve ball can increase the volume of the mouth plug, ensure that the mouth is full of human shape, and avoid the risk of falling off during the planning process

Confirm the humanoid breathing, start the 800W air extraction motor and start to exhaust the air in the cabinet, the estimated time is 600 seconds, and the report will be previewed at a speed of 10 times

At the end of air extraction, the figure is clear, breathing is smooth, and accompanied by slight struggling movements and groans. The situation shows that the figure is affected by strong pressure, so it is planned to continue

Use a vibrator to test the struggling amplitude of the human figure. The amplitude and cry gradually increase, and the cabinet makes abnormal friction noises

Use the breathing bag to connect the humanoid breathing tube. The humanoid is very uncomfortable and struggling, but it has no meaning at all. The humanoid movement has not changed

Due to the excessive reaction of the human shape, the first air extraction experiment was completed, and the inlet was opened to inject air, thus the human shape posture was liberated

The human shape means that the pressure is very great, and the head feels the most obvious, even the teeth are closely pressed

The second air extraction is started, and the built-in vibrator of the human shape is started, so the moaning sound is enhanced, and the number and duration of breathing bag links are increased

Due to respiratory inhibition and built-in vibration, the humanoid has a great struggle reaction with the limitation of the sense of oppression. The vacuum cabinet is severely shaken and deformed, which is dangerous to break up. The second experiment is suspended urgently

Due to the excessive pressure and inflation of the inflation port plug, the human mouth was scratched and slightly bled

Even so, it is necessary to conduct the third air extraction, strengthen the vibration stimulation to the human shape, and continue to observe the struggling movement with the breath bag link

At last, pull out the breathing bag and directly pull out the outlet plug, a small amount of air enters, but due to the pressure difference, the human shaped lips are sucked into the cabinet wall hole, resulting in complete inability to breathe

Fortunately, the air inflow is enough for the human body to slightly support the adhesion of the latex with its hands, adjust the position of the mouth, and barely keep breathing

So far, the plan has been completed. Open the cabinet door, and the figure slowly climbs out. The figure consumes too much physical strength and moves slowly

In the process, we tried to use gas masks and breathing tubes, but because of the loud noise caused by the change of the pressure of various soft glues in the masks, the human shape cannot be used

Not included in the report positive, you can view the details of the failure record on Twitter

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