- Fantasy Projection Hall - My service game with dolls -

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-The content of this story is purely fictitious-

This afternoon, I was bored in my villa of 2000 square meters in the suburb. Since I moved in alone, I felt like I was isolated from the world. It was hard to see a living person one day. But I can't help it. I have to hide here and wait for the trouble I have caused before to return to normal life.

It's not a good idea to stay alone all the time. It's not good to have autism. But who can we find? There is no bosom friend around. The so-called girlfriend changes every three days. At this time, they must keep away from me. I really can't think of a better way, why don't we make an appointment online? Maybe with money?

So I searched my wallet to find many business cards of heads, periphery and mommy. I really don't like to look for such resources at ordinary times, but now I have to try.

Suddenly, I found a strange business card with the words "Doll Service Union" written on it. I'm afraid I got it in the market some time, but I didn't care.

I tried to dial the phone with a sense of freshness. The person who answered the phone was the computer voice. I followed the prompts and selected several options: latex coat, HX control. The phone hung up. Then I received a system message asking me to reply to the address, and then I received a long message with many rules and precautions written in it. I replied to confirm without looking carefully. Then I was full of expectations and fantasies about what kind of dolls would come to serve me.

After 30 minutes, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw a black figure. She was wearing a one-piece latex coat, a patent leather waist with suspenders, several belts around her chest, a short leather skirt, and those super high heels. She was wearing handcuffs and ankle cuffs on her hands and feet, and a carry on bag in her hand.

The most extreme thing is that her face, like a lifeless plastic model, is beautiful and mysterious, which strikes me directly.

She first said hello to me, confirmed that I was the customer who placed an order, and then walked into the room. The sound of high-heeled shoes was very loud. Judging from her walking posture, she should be used to wearing such high heels.

I took her to an empty room. She called her the master and introduced herself. It seems that the game has started. Her voice is very beautiful, and it is more fascinating to hear it through the mask. What kind of face is underneath the mask?

After chatting a few words, the game started. She began to twist her body to attract me very consciously. Who could bear to look at this dress? I immediately went forward to hold her from behind, touching her waist, playing with her hands, and touching her magical face.

Miss Doll began to breathe, more and more quickly. I covered her mouth and nose with my hands. This movement seemed to make her feel uncomfortable, but she did not resist. Let me press it hard, and I felt the weak air flowing between my fingers. As long as I tightly closed my fingers, I could feel the rhythm of her body.

I remembered that I had a choice of HX control, so I took out a plastic bag and put it on her. After tightening the elastic belt around her neck, the bag naturally expanded and contracted. Every time I contracted, the plastic bag was tightly attached to the mask, limiting the amount of inspiration to a large extent. Soon, fog began to form in the bag, and the condensed water droplets vaguely covered her face like gauze.

I couldn't help adding a vibrating toy to stimulate her breathing rhythm, and she kept shaking her head to show that she was approaching the limit. I didn't let her go easily, but found that she had begun to stand unsteadily. Just when I was ready to help her, she was already paralyzed in my arms. I immediately put her up, quickly opened the bag, and gently put her on the ground.

It seems that I played her too hard as soon as I came, but the girl who had regained her consciousness said that she was OK.

So I fixed her on the stool with her legs open. First, I used a vibrating toy to excite her to scream. It seems that she is very sensitive to vibration.

Then take out the heat shrinkable bag, use a high-temperature hair dryer to quickly tighten the film, and the bag wraps her head like a vacuum package. With this doll's face, it looks like a doll toy that has just opened the package box. But the toy will moan when it moves, and still shakes its head to indicate that it is uncomfortable. So I simply add a belt to fix her neck on the backrest.

Here, Miss Doll insisted for a long time. I didn't tear the shrink bag until I found that her struggling movements were getting smaller and smaller. At the moment of tearing, I didn't find that I had expected to gasp, but I was still quite calm and motionless.

It was only after five seconds of maintaining this state that Miss Doll began to regain her breath, and I was a little relieved.

At this time, I found that liquid was constantly flowing from the neck edge of her mask. It seemed that it was very hot in the operation just now. What would be the experience of being restrained, shouted, stuffy, and shocked?

But Miss Doll only had a few minutes' rest. She immediately replied to her professional quality and proposed that the trade union had given her a vacuum bag project as a bonus. I must use it for her.

This is a good thing to do. She curled herself into a small vacuum bag, hugged her legs and signaled to me that the edge could be sealed.

The vacuum bag with air pumping is very beautiful with the shiny latex coat. She is like a piece of processed food, which can be easily taken away.

After appreciating her posture all the time, Miss Doll's breath began to become very uncomfortable, but her face was still cold. It felt good. I seemed to like the service of this doll.

Let her out. The 60 minute service arrived, but Miss Doll was so tired that she fell asleep. I quietly appreciated her.

Suddenly, I found an electronic lock behind her, with the mask on the back of her head. It seems that this is a measure taken by the trade union to prevent them from taking off the mask in the service process, which can also protect their personal privacy.

But looking at the thin steel wire of the electronic lock, I felt a sense of evil in my heart. I was never afraid of nothing. I couldn't bear to be curious about her real purpose. While she was still sleeping, I fumbled out a model clamp and gradually approached her

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