Black yarn+Bikini+Kigurumi+BreathControl

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[Thanks to BlackMarie for providing leather binding clothes. This is a beta version. The original will be available soon. Please pay attention]

Recently, I received the new KIG leather ordered for Xiaokui. I haven't looked for Xiaokui for a long time, so I can't help missing her

Send a message to ask her if she would like to shoot, and she quickly replied "OK", adding a cat expression

After making an appointment with Xiaokui, I searched the Internet immediately to find a set of astringent clothes to match the new leather

Finally, I bought a set of patent leather bikini with black gauze as the base, leather gloves and stockings, which is very harsh

The clothes are also equipped with a bell collar. I think Xiaokui should like it when he sees it

Finally, it was the shooting day. The weather in the south was very sultry. Xiao Kui came here in the afternoon and wore a cool dress, which was very beautiful

As soon as I entered the door, I asked if the milk tea had been delivered. It's much more lively than when I first met

After a cup of milk tea has eliminated the heat, Xiaokui is ready to change clothes. I give her the new leather and clothes to wait for her reaction

After a while, I heard the voice of Xiaokui asking, how come KIG skin's face is all inclusive?

I explained and fooled, and finally let Xiaokui put on the hood. She said that the hood was tight and her eyes could not open

It's so funny to wear a full head cover and a full head KIG head shell. I can't wait to put a head shell on Xiaokui

I ordered black wigs, but they haven't arrived yet. I can only use pink hair. The all black sexy look with lovely big eyes is very eye-catching

Then put a latex mask on the head shell. With this three-layer barrier, Xiaokui's voice becomes stuffy

The black yarn and KIG leather form a perfect integration, which has both a sense of wrapping and perspective. The gloss of the patent leather has been stimulating me all the time. Every move of Xiaokui is very stinging to my XP

After wearing the basic clothes, I took out the internal test version of the binding leather coat from BM. This leather coat can be used for both daily wear and functional games

After putting on the leather coat, Xiaokui soon became handsome. If it wasn't for the functionality of the leather coat, I really didn't want to pull up the zipper, but after pulling up the zipper, the leather felt very wrapped. Because Xiaokui used the big chest prop, he was tightly tied by the leather coat

Then put down the sleeve of the leather coat, pull up the zipper, and the leather coat will become a binding coat. Hold your hands together, and fix the sleeve behind you, and the binding coat will appear

After restraint is completed, Xiaokui starts to stimulate Xiaokui with vibrating toys. Xiaokui's sensitive body reacts immediately. The high-heeled shoes rub the ground constantly, and the soft loli sound starts to turn into a groan. Then open the M characters on both legs and fix them on the shoulders of the restraint clothes. You can start to stimulate Xiaokui's body with impunity until she starts to shake and twitch

Take off the restraint clothes, and Xiaokui's slim figure reappears. Xiaokui is also panting. She says the restraint clothes are too hot

At this time, I asked Xiaokui to lie down and bind Xiaokui's four horses with a specially prepared belt. Then I fixed Xiaokui's body with a long belt and a bench, and tightly restrained her, especially the high-heeled heels. In this way, Xiaokui only had the right to slightly twist

Then put a plastic bag on her head, and put the vibrating toys in place. Xiaokui's feeble cry, rapid breathing, leather rubbing sound and her twisting posture are all staged together

In this segment, Xiaokui's breathing sound is very loud, and it is very difficult to breathe because of the KIG leather+head shell+latex mask+plastic bag. In addition, Xiaokui later said that the head shell is against the nose, the mouth is too tightly wrapped by the head cover, and it is difficult to open, and the breast is pressing her chest, and her breath is very uncomfortable

After more than half an hour of Sima's binding, Xiaokui let go. Her hands were completely paralyzed. She opened her head. She was already asleep, regardless of the wrapped head

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