Useless struggle - Leather sleeping bag - Breathcontrol game Four times

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Koko came here early this morning. I had a hangover and forgot to ask her out today

As a result, the props are not ready yet, so Koko can choose them by himself

She searched everywhere and successfully turned over my props. After half an hour's hard work, she finally made up her mind

As she has come to experience the gel coat recently, she has not tried any other props. It is obvious that she wants to try all the props this time

Leather sleeping bag, leather headgear, heat shrinkable film, negative pressure bottle

All right, they're hard goods. I'll use them for you

Let Koko only wear a vest and leggings, and put it into a leather sleeping bag. The sleeping bag has a sandwich pocket with both hands. You can't move your hands when you put it in. Pull the zipper, and then pull the pull rope at the front, but you can't pull it too tight, otherwise you can't add props

Then put on the leather headgear. Koko who tried leather for the first time said it was more comfortable than latex

I connected the needle buckle of the headgear and the zipper of the sleeping bag with a lock, bound Koko's chest and thighs with a few restraint bands, and hung them on the bracket with iron chains

In this way, Koko was firmly bound in place, unable to move, and was punished to stand

First, she was given a plastic l-bag. The plastic l-bag was modified, and the on-off valve was added. She didn't have to take off the bag during the rest

This time I tied my neck with an elastic band. This time I thought of having an on-off valve, so I wore the bag tightly before I tied the band. I can see that there is not much space in the bag

Sure enough, because the bag was too tight, Koko quickly signaled that she could not. Open the on-off valve to let her breathe. Let's warm up for the first time

The second time, I opened the bag a little, screwed on the valve cover, and began to listen to Koko's breathing and play with her body

Starting from the second round of props, heat shrinkable film was directly applied to the headgear. This is very hard core. When the heat shrinkable film shrinks, there is very little breathing space left for Koko

In the picture, the outline of Koko's long mouth breathing hard can also be clearly seen, and the texture of the heat shrinkable film is very piercing. I can't stop holding Koko's tight head in the past. Although she has started to stand unsteadily, I don't want to let go of her so quickly. She is so beautiful at this moment

In the third round, put on the gas mask, connect the negative pressure bottle, put the vibrating toy rack on the bracket, and align it with the position. This is a match with a full sense of placement

The air hole of the headgear is not large, and the air flow in and out of the headgear is very small. Now, it still needs to pass through the long breathing tube, and then bear the pressure of water. It is a great challenge for Koko, and the shock stimulates the uncontrollable rapid breathing rhythm, which makes Koko constantly swing and struggle

It's not over yet. At the agreed four rounds, change her into a hooded gas mask and use heat shrinkable film

This mask cover heat shrinkable film has been played for a long time. Fans should know that it is so destructive that it has not appeared for so long

Because the air inlet and outlet of the mask are just within the maximum contraction range of the heat shrinkable film, once the contraction limit is very large, Koko's struggle this time is the largest. She has been using her limbs to show me to untie it for her, but I still came to her slowly. I pretended not to untie it for her several times. Until she lost her strength and hung by the pull of the iron chain, I poked the air outlet for her

After the end, I asked Koko how she felt. She said that the sleeping bag was even hotter than the gel coat, and she sweated a lot. In addition, the vibration time was long, and her throat was almost hoarse

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