Rubber Inflatable headball ※ One hour time lock whole process record ※ First person immersive vision

  • Brand: Studio Bling
  • Model Latex_022
  • Video Size: 1920×1080
  • Data size: 911MB
  • Video Time: 1時間10分4秒
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Inflatable head ball is a prop I've always wanted to buy. Recently, when I was looking through a treasure, I suddenly saw it and ordered one immediately

I asked several young actors who wanted to experience it. Koko was the first to sign up. It seems that she hasn't played enough last time

There is no line of sight for the head ball. After inflation, the interlayer inside will press the whole head. After one Koko experience, the whole face is tightly pressed

This customized version of the head ball maintains breathing through several small holes in the interlayer, connecting the air in the interlayer. That is to say, Koko can only breathe the air filled in the head ball and keep circulating inside

This time, the first person motion camera was used to record the whole process without jamming

I didn't tell Koko too much about the shooting in advance. After putting on the head ball to inflate her, I took out the props I prepared secretly

First lock the zipper of the head ball with the original key, then take out the metal neck cover and wear it on the neck of Koko. The metal neck cover and the latex head ball are very compatible

Then take out the important props from the trouser pocket, the timing lock, set it for 1 hour after fastening, press the button to start, and the electronic sound is locked after 5 seconds. In this way, Koko needs to breathe in the closed header for 1 hour

Of course, there are still various ways to deal with her and order her to go to the designated position. Koko can only grope forward slowly like a blind man. He is very helpless and confused. As long as he comes to my side, he will hold on tightly, for fear of being left behind

She seems to adapt very quickly. Of course, we need to give her some oxygen consumption links. Take out vibrating toys to stimulate her. With the help of a head mounted camera, it is very convenient to play with both hands

Then I put on a single glove for her. After wearing it, I could say that she was invincible. A helpless girl who was bound and closed was also connected with a rubber wolf. I watched her as a spectator. She was shocked

Koko tried electric shock for the first time. When she turned on the switch, her legs were stimulated to be soft. She sat on the ground directly. Looking at her pain and pity, I let her feel for me and hold her to continue to torture. She knelt in front of me and pressed me with her head ball. I hugged her and watched her pain sy. The journey was very enjoyable

After more than 30 minutes, Koko's action slowed down a lot. I definitely gave her a violent coercion in the last 20 minutes

The process was omitted. At the last 9 minutes, Koko was paralyzed, and it was very difficult to sit up on the sofa

The last nine minutes are a time for me to leave. I don't care about her, I don't speak, and I sit quietly in front of her to watch

It is said that the last time is the most painful time. Koko became impatient from becoming soft and began to smash the stool and cut off her legs. I suspect that she has been scolding me in it

Finally, the electronic stereo started and the timing lock was unlocked, but the tired Koko was completely unaware of it and was still powerless. I also quickly opened the lock for her. When I opened the zipper, I felt a hot air rushing out. Koko did not respond to the release of joy, but just breathed quietly

After the shooting, Koko rested for a long time. I asked her how she felt. She said that the air inside was getting stuffy and there was no sense of direction. At the end, she felt that the whole person was floating. Her face was pressed by the latex for too long. It felt like assimilation. She began to feel that there was no headgear. It was like falling into an empty space

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