KUI the first time latexsuit , Become a rubber rabbit girl

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Xiaokui tried latex clothes for the first time, but it was still on her neck, which was very challenging for her

After successfully putting on gel coat, consciously put on microporous headgear, and then put on Bunny clothes for her. Which man doesn't like bunny, or latex version

Put Xiaokui on the cushion and saw her weak body and unclear pronunciation after being tightly wrapped by the headgear

I couldn't help playing with her body and making Xiaokui turn upside down in various ways

During this period, she also asked her to cover herself. Unexpectedly, she kept covering herself obediently until she was panting without saying let go

Later, an iron pipe with a buckle was used to hang the hand last time. This time, four buckles were added to bind the hands and feet

Tie Xiaokui's hands and feet behind him to form a posture of bending back

Let her have to straighten her waist, and Xiaokui is in a state of constant balance. If she loses her balance a little, she will fall forward

In this state, strengthen the vibration frequency, and Xiaokui's body begins to twist and struggle

Then put on a newly bought lacquer leather Headcover for her. This Headcover is very thick and can insulate sound

After wearing the headgear, hook the crane on the headgear and press the machine to lift it

Xiaokui was lifted as high as her head, but also kept her balance, which was equivalent to being unable to struggle

This way of playing can be said to be fun. Let's experience it by ourselves

Finally, fix Xiaokui on the restraint frame and add a gas mask

Kneeling posture, multi-layer isolation and vibration props behind the restraint frame

Rabbit girl Xiaokui was directly overdrawn by her physical strength and strength, and finally she didn't even have the strength to struggle

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