Black Nurse Article 2 -BunnyGirl in a Headhood-

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  • Video Time: 37分40秒
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Patent leather Bunny dress, patent leather high heels, patent leather long gloves, patent leather single gloves, a feast for gloss lovers. Wu put on his headgear and was chained to the hook on the ceiling. He couldn't move in a large range. He had to stand and play with me wantonly. When playing with it, he still maintained the position of a waitress. He was very obedient.

Put on a single glove and lift her hands to form a very uncomfortable posture. With 15cm high heels, it is very difficult for Xiaowu to stand. She keeps adjusting her posture to maintain balance. In this state, she uses a happiness stick to help her further pleasure.

This is Xiaowu's first experience of some stimulating projects. Although it is not suitable, it is very cooperative. I have experienced it twice. I won't describe it too much here. Anyway, the effect is very good.

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