Black Nurse Article 1 -Full body black leather & gloves Gas Mask is tightly protected-

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Hello, everyone. I'm Plague bacterium in eukaryotes. This time, Wu and I met you for the first time to demonstrate the protection methods during the epidemic period.

Wu is wearing a dark nurse suit, and her full coat is still being customized, so although the protection can't cover the whole body, respiratory protection must be done enough. The gas mask with kn95 filter can effectively protect against all kinds of bacteria. Although her breathing will be blocked after wearing the mask, Xiao Wu seems to like this feeling, Since wearing the mask, my body began to wriggle and waved to me.

Xiaowu's body is soft and feels good. She will cooperate to make a cry during massage. I will stop my hand on the air outlet from time to time to make her voice more powerful. It's not enough to use hands. After a bag prop is installed, Xiaowu's performance will work harder. Here, we really want to praise Xiaowu. She has been installed and disassembled repeatedly, and her physical strength is still affordable.

Until the end, he gave full play to himself, connected the bottle with water, and began to perform passionately. The whole process was watched. Every sound affected his nerves. Xiaowu really exhausted his strength to complete the last sprint, collapsed on the sofa and made a curtain call.

As the first nurse on the stage, I wish you all a lot of support. In the future, Plague and I will give you more videos.

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