JK Classmate+Zentai+Gasmask

  • Brand: Studio Bling
  • Model ZENTAI_008
  • Video Size: 1280×720
  • Data size: 809MB
  • Video Time: 49分41秒
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  • ¥1,650円

  • Ex Tax: ¥1,500円
  • Price in reward points: 1500

The new JK that Ruan Ruan recently started is very good-looking, and it is very GET points when paired with black silk leather shoes.

The weather is getting cold, it’s best to put on ZENTAI to keep warm, and then put on JK again.

Then the female classmate ZENTAI JK appeared

I haven’t played with a gas mask for a long time, and put it on and add a canister to effectively prevent the epidemic and provide comprehensive protection

With the stimulation of the vibrating toy, it makes a nice sound through the mask

After the operation, the JK suit was messy, so I took it off and tied the female classmate with tape.

Putting the mouth of female classmates on it is also effective in blocking air contact and preventing germs.

Fix the vibrating toy on the thigh, and enjoy the twisting and breathing sound of the female classmate

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