Respiratory management that does not end with a compression bag with zentai

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Product details Resolution 1280 x 720 High image quality Time 15 minutes 52 seconds
Before purchase
As you can see at the beginning of the video, this video was shot after recording a play with a very maniac taste in SM called [Complete Restraint]. It is completely amateur play and shooting.
Since it is not a play for shooting, there are some camera shakes on the way, and the part he is talking about is silenced, and the part that is reflected is cut.
Please be aware of this before purchasing.
Also, the "breathing control" and "suffocation blame" seen in this video are extremely dangerous acts.
We play with a strong relationship of trust. Please do not imitate it with ease.
Video content
He was released from the fixed pillar and laid on the floor.
Only the nose can breathe.
When you hear the sound of the tape, you'll know what you're looking for next time.
Move your head left and right to avoid sticking.
I knew it was a meaningless resistance, but I couldn't help it.
"You haven't done anything yet."
I hear a slightly frustrated voice.
Oh, I can't breathe ...
He politely attaches the tape to his nose.
It sticks to the nose relentlessly.
I'm out of breath, of course, and soon I'm in pain.
In fear of not knowing when to take it, he released me for a while before screaming.
But it doesn't end.
again and again….
Sometimes I manage my breathing while riding a horse.
Feeling the weight of his body ... I'm not sure if he's excited, painful or painful.
It's repeated over and over again, and my physical strength is gradually reduced.
I'm losing energy to scream.
Anyway ...
There were several moments when I thought so.
But it's not over yet.
Repeated over and over again.
"I want to hear the scream."
He became a horseman to me and taped his nose.
It's painful but painful, but I'm not screaming anymore.
again and again···
Blame me to elicit my scream.
Forgive me ... please ... I don't like it anymore, I can't stand it anymore ... I'm at the limit ...
My head was full of such feelings.
Also, the tape blocks your breath.
Once it's painful and the switch is turned on, it's hard to get "nothing" and it screams immediately.
I was relieved to be released the moment I thought it was the limit.
But before he takes a good breath, he blocks my breath again.
As it was repeated over and over again, I became afraid to breathe even if I felt oxygen.
"If you try to smoke, it will be blocked."
When I started thinking that way, I didn't know when to breathe and it was a lot of pain.
He even let go of the momentary chance to take a breath.
When that happened, it was the same whether it was blocked with tape or not.
Endless suffering.
"You look crazy."
I'm thrilled by the words.
When I was released from the tape mommy, I was told to wear zentai.
And of course, the compression bag reappears ...
I think it's broken, so as soon as I see I'm breathing, I deflate.
Even though it's broken, it doesn't mean that a lot of oxygen comes in so quickly.
Remove the air so that it cannot be removed any more.
I'm scared just to switch on the suction pump.
It was already rampaging while being deflated.
Even if it is broken, there are times when no air comes in at all depending on the timing.
Besides, I don't have the air I want to breathe right now, so naturally I suffocate.
I always think it can be put in a compressed bag. When I'm desperate, I'm going to go wild like this.
The limit is raised with each round.
I'm scared, I'm scared ...
Detailed play articles are posted on the blog.
I hope you can see it together with the video.

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