SM origin search series DID scene conditions

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Supporting character heroine. One time, one-time heroine. For example, a friend of a heroine or a selfish princess from a distant star.
They are very likely to pinch. They were easily kidnapped and kidnapped by enemies,They are crucified to lure them out, or they are determined to know some secrets and are tortured.However, they are after all heroines who cannot take the leading role. Their appearance is definitely lower than the leading heroine,Some words aren't good enough or they're beautiful but aunt.
That is why the costumes are often flashy. In addition, they fall into a pinch with their appearance.
This is very different from the fact that when the leading heroine rarely pinches, it always looks like a mini skirt, but only then has a pants look.They were routinely terrible with their flashy outfits, and only then were they more prominent than the heroines, but in the end they were easily relieved I will leave. So I loved the supporting heroine. This video is particular about such a supporting character heroine.
* Of course it is a fiction. The torture tools are flashy but tricky and neither painful nor painful. It is a cosplay clothes bondage with an image animation. There are no scenes where nudity or body injury occurs. It is a work for those who can understand as a play such as heroine pinch, cosplay, queen bondage, DID, torture pretend.
The image quality is 640 × 480.

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Tags: SM, Queen, torture, DID, pantyhose, sankakumokuba