Breathplay Torture Girl 11

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Breathplay Torture Girl 11

11th in the series.

This is a sequel to a model who loves breath control. See Rebreath Rubber Girl 6.

1. Wrap the whole body with Saran Wrap and take control of breathing by wrapping the face around the wrap. Three scenes.

2. Wear amber rubber leotard, restrain limbs and cover with plastic bag.

3. Compression bag appeared after a long time. Start compression in a cramped state before compressing whether the size was small. In a more painful position.

Although it is difficult to escape on its own even in the restraint state in the scene of 4.2, restraint with the back hand and add ball gag. Finally, shake your head and make a sad voice.

5. The first in this series to control breathing in human dogs. I can afford at first, but it gradually gets harder and begs to take a bag. So I realized I couldn't get it, so I'll do my best in a human dog. While you were relieved to have the bag ruptured, cover the damaged area with tape. The second breath control starts.

6. No explanation needed. Extreme Breathplay!

Breathplay Torture Girl 11 [MPEG]

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