Queen torture series Enemy female executive large pinch 1

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She is an evil female executive. However, one day, she was caught in a blind spot and was tortured to confess the whereabouts of her friends and treasure. Moreover, it was a torture in the Edo period, a stone dakima and a punishment for a triangular horse. In the special effects for children of the past, there were rare torture scenes of a little heroine, but those who would be enemy female executives would be hit by such eyes, or even tortured in the Edo period There was never. The author, who layered the SM Queen on the enemy cadres, took a picture of the impossible scene with the help of the real Queen. Check out the heroine panting voice, panting face, fainting scene, etc. played by the Queen.
Cast Queen Blue Panther
* Of course it is a fiction. The torture tool is flashy, but it has a mechanism and is not painful or painful. It is cosplay clothing bondage with an image video. There are no scenes where nudity or the body is hurt. It is a work for those who can understand as heroine pinch, cosplay, queen bondage, DID, torture pretend play.
This video is a vertical video (1080 × 1920) size.

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