Black Angel Kigurumi Sexy Nurse

  • Brand: Studio Bling
  • Model KIG_012
  • Video Size: 1280×960
  • Data size: 587MB
  • Video Time: 37分31秒
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  • ¥2,200円

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  • Price in reward points: 2000

At night, there was a knock at the door. A little sister in a black nurse's uniform came into my room. It was the recently ordered door-to-door physical examination service.
The sister nurse, with her lovely head, told me to lie in bed and wait in a slightly obstructed voice.
(All of the above are assumptions, and the following is the main body)
My sister nurses massaged my whole body first, and it was very comfortable to touch my body gently with her hands in KIG skin.
She also made an ambiguous voice, probably too stuffy in her skull.
After a while, she also taught me how to massage her body. Once she touched her body, her voice would be louder and more exciting.
In order to be more hygienic, she added a skin-like cover to her skull, which was not very breathable, and her breathing voice immediately rushed up. She also put on medical gloves and continued massage service.
Later, it seemed that she needed more airtight protection. She continued to add a layer of headgear and wrapped it in a film in order to achieve the best isolation effect.
In this way, I listened to her breathing completely, and she could only lie down and breathe hard, so I took this opportunity to touch her body boldly.
It felt so good to touch the skin of the nurse's sister across the skin that I unconsciously forgot that the nurse's sister was not breathing smoothly and could not breathe weakly.

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