Punishment in protected room

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Princess Lione was restrained with handcuffs.

These handcuffs are the replica of Restraining devices in prison.

One arm is fixed to in front of the body, and another one arm is fixed to back of the body.

She must do everything under this restrained style.

Of course she must eat without her hands like dogs.

This punishment style makes breaking her shoulder little by little.

She can’t sleep enough because this style is brought to her pain.

And moreover, her head is covered with a plastic bag. 

This punishment tormented her horribly.


Another day, she is restrained in strait jacket.

This strait jacket covered whole of her body.

Her arms are fixed in front of her body.

Of course, although she struggles hard, she can’t escape at all.

This time, not only the suffocation punishment, but also she is forced sniffing anesthetic liquid.


Nobody knows when she will be released. The punishment is still continued.


Genre: Kigurumi bondage

Model: Princess Lione

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Tags: Wabi-Sabi-Moe, Kigurumi, Bondage, SM, handcuffs, strait jacket, Breath control, Cosplay, DID, Fetish