Latex and Metal Secluded Latex Girl

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I recently bought a set of metal equipment that fits perfectly with the gel coat. Don't ask why there is no metal chest, I don't like the Hawaiian coconut shell

The sensory deprivation I tried last time felt good, I like when TOKIME loses its external perception and can't guess what I'm going to do to it

A set of black vinyl stickers are attached to her body, plus a microporous headpiece, and the never-ending black latex humanoid is once again presented

I was impatient and did some tricks on her before the filming began, which can be considered as a warm-up before the competition

Before putting on the closed metal head ball, add some difficulty by putting on a rubber head cover, and then install the head ball

The advantage of this metal head ball is that it has enough space to add various patterns and then seal them all together

After installing a large head ball and a pair of handballs, and locking them with a lock, even without restraint, TOKIME cannot escape on its own

Then, install the built-in equipment for the humanoid, accompanied by her dull and isolated voice. After the equipment is installed and successfully tested for vibration through the app, start the vibration training

Of course, I still have to wear the metal chastity belt again. After locking it, TOKIME will be forever sealed inside the metal and latex without my unlocking

Turn on the vibration and let the humanoid with no sight follow my voice. It feels good to be helpless but obedient

There is a training mode in the APP, which is a tightening exercise by following the vibration frequency. This is very useful for girls, so I asked her to stand up and start training

This training mode is very interesting, it can stimulate her body to twitch and her hands to explore downwards habitually, but the sound of metal collision from the handball and the belt obstructs her behavior

After a period of training, provide appropriate rewards and adjust the app to the second mode, where the vibration device will emit different frequencies from front to back

This immediately makes the humanoid unable to stand, with legs weak and knees bent, but the bending action can tighten the straps and push the built-in device deeper

When the humanoid figure lay on the ground and shivered, the reward was stopped, and then the head was taken off and a headset was put on her, playing music with the volume turned up. Then the headset was put on again, so that only her internal world was completed, and she could no longer obtain information from the external world

It's time to let her ascend. The power of the built-in equipment is still insufficient. I must take action

When removing the built-in, don't forget to play with it for a few times, and then use the external device, which is directly in contact

Through the opening below, the exposed flesh reminded me that there was a real girl inside this metal and latex body, gesturing with her metal hands and making extremely dull moaning sounds

Until the body shaking that represents the direct connection to the sky appeared, I finished the work at hand and opened the head, giving the human form a chance to breathe

Take off the headphones and ask her how she feels. She surprisingly answers that she doesn't feel uncomfortable. This is not acceptable. Pick up the hand and use plastic wrap to wrap it around her several times. Then pick up the external device and force it again

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