Girl in Uniform Volunteer Become Puppy and Master’s Erotism Tool

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Recently, it has been discovered that human bodies are also quite good

After playing with the sticky skin a lot, it's also good to occasionally eat some vegetarian food. Although this vegetarian food is not vegetarian at all, it can even be said to be very meaty

Because of her sex addiction, TOKIME, who seldom plays vegan, has recently become so excited that she can no longer resist the impulse to buy a suit of self-cultivation uniform

Tight fitting shirt, pleated skirt, black silk, looking at the piercing clothing, I decided to give her a completely mismatched head and the most painful one

This is undoubtedly a latex pinhole headband, which will tightly adhere to the face and suck in air through several small holes, making each breath quite laborious

The headdress outlines the outline of TOKIME's opening her mouth to breathe in. Her chest began to rise and fall sharply. At the same time, she was connected by handcuffs and could only kneel in front of me

After admiring for a while, I began to strike at her body

As always, the sensitive body reacts with just a touch. The tight uniform wraps around the chest, and the buttons are a bit squeezed, as if they can break through at any time

I unfastened the two buttons of my shirt, and TOKIME's proudest things showed up in front of me. Although it was not a huge type, this size and shape were very good, and it was my favorite type

Today she was wearing a black lingerie with a bit of shaping, which can squeeze out her career line and is very attractive

Such a beautiful body, now restricted by a fully covered latex headband to breathe

After wearing the headgear for some time, TOKIME's breathing began to struggle, and she began to gasp. At this time, coupled with a series of touch stimuli, her breathing became more disturbed and urgent

Let her have a rest. Tear out the pinhole and expand it a little, so that her breathing can be a little easier. TOKIME calmed down and reminded me that today there is an agreement to become a puppy

I really forgot. I quickly took out the K9 suit and put it on for her, and ordered her to take a walk and pose for being played with

The TOKIME puppy was panting after climbing around, and still kept climbing after coming back, and then began to accept cute rewards

Under the condition of headgear restriction and crawling posture, she is suffering from the stimulation of TOKIME. She likes the pleasure of coexistence, and the physical restraint makes her feel more secure

After completing the reward process for the puppy, it's time for the puppy's service to begin

But she still didn't get rid of the pinhole headband, so she put on the gas mask with the airplane cup directly

Fill her tools with lubricating oil and let her start working

The service work in K9 state is more laborious, and it is difficult to lift her head freely. Therefore, she decided to hold her head with her hand and use it as a tool

It was very comfortable in the oil and cup, but the little dog was in great pain. The obstruction of the mask made her breathing even more difficult. Her hood was blown up like a balloon, indicating that she was breathing hard and unable to make a plea

But I am still in a comfortable upward phase and cannot release her. I must reach a stage before I can pause and rest

Not long after, the puppy's headband swelled to the point where the straps of the mask were stretched up. It should have reached its limit, so I immediately took off the mask for her. Her headband became like a balloon, constantly expanding and shrinking. Even so, she never forgot to try her best to move her little hands and give me a simple massage

At this time, TOKIME was already tired. Seeing her hard work, I untied her K9 equipment and pinhole headgear, but the identity of the tool man was still there, so the gas mask had to be put on, with an open mouth headgear and latex gloves inside

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