Down Bondage Sleeping Bag in Vacuum Bag

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Recently, Guangdong has been experiencing continuous rainy weather with low temperature, and it is the most comfortable to hide in a sleeping bag in such weather.

This sleeping bag was not introduced well in the previous game, so let's give a detailed introduction this time

I found this custom down sleeping bag shop while casually shopping for salted fish last month. The integrated zipper extends from the toes to the top of the head, which is very appealing to me

After some consultation, we customized the size to fit TOKIME, and thoughtfully added 2000g of down, making it very soft and thick

Multiple restraint straps can outline the shape of the human body, and the compressed down feathers show a slow sense of restraint

The Zentai suit of the Black Mamba was quickly packed into the sleeping bag. After the head was zipped up, TOKIME's breathing was like inflating the sleeping bag. It should be very warm to be covered by such thick down, or it would be very stuffy

It's too easy to just lie inside, after all, TOKIME already spent a long time inside in the last game. I have to make it challenging this time.

Taking a relatively thin plastic garbage bag, open the head of the sleeping bag, put it on TOKIME's black head and tighten it

The plastic bag was so thin that it stuck to her face with the heat of her breath. Before TOKIME could react, I zipped up the sleeping bag, leaving her to suffer.

As expected, the operation was too difficult, and TOKIME’s struggle and call for help came immediately.

This time she was also scared, and after rescuing her, she cried out in fear and took some time to calm down.

If so, give her a reward. Fix the vibrating toy with a rope and let her enjoy it.

This fixed pattern actually slides, but judging from the fact that Shizuku's feet are constantly retracting, I think she is adjusting her position to achieve the best effect.

But it still takes a lot of oxygen to be stimulated inside, and after playing for a while, she was panting and breathing heavily. When I finally opened her head, the headgear on her face was wet

Next is the highlight.

In the past, when winter passed, the quilts in my home would be put into vacuum bags for compressed storage. When I was vacuuming the duvet, it felt particularly refreshing, and the large amount of compressed space was very relaxing.

This time, I'll use this pleasure on TOKIME

When the air in the vacuum bag is sucked away, the sleeping bag is compressed and loses its original inflation feeling. Due to the presence of fillers inside, it cannot be compressed significantly

TOKIME was moved and felt uncomfortable at first, but soon started to squirm and cried out that she couldn't hold on anymore. I reluctantly opened it up and sternly warned her not to squirm around but to stay inside.

The second time she obeyed, and kept breathing smoothly, even though she was in pain and tried to struggle, but I stopped her

Ten minutes later, she said she couldn't take it anymore, but I didn't agree to let go and took another breath

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