The Cuter The Doll More Need Cruelly Abused

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Scenario 1: Recently, I have developed a liking for using my arms to strangle my neck. The throat locking action of my arms covers a much larger area than pinching with my palms, and it is impossible to break free with the strength of a girl's hand. Moreover, my arms can be more easily retracted and released with force, and my body can be tilted back and muscles can increase pain. However, this action can also be dangerous, and I must practice it with my playmates in a tacit and orderly manner. Don't try it casually

Situation 2: Recently, it was found that TOKIME's body was very ticklish. From her neck to her waist, to her thighs and soles of her feet, she screamed and struggled as long as she was gently touched, which was very painful

Situation 3: Recently, TOKIME has become more and more addicted to games. On the rest day, she played from opening her eyes to closing her eyes. After every warning failed, she decided to find a chance to punish her

This day's filming day is no exception, even if the doll looks good, it still cannot do without various games on the tablet computer

So I decided to add some punishment to give her a better memory

My sex fetish is that the cuter the doll I dress up, the more I want to take it seriously. This time, I just found the opportunity

I took away the computer she was playing with first, sat down behind her, talked with her gently first, and began to scratch her. Even though TOKIME's sensitive skin was scratched across the KIG skin, it kept struggling and begging for forgiveness

This is just a small punishment. After I stop scratching, I will put my hand around her neck and lock her throat. My body slightly leans back and pulls up her body. This lock is very high, and TOKIME's feet can't help kicking on the ground

Remember not to spend too much time in this gameplay, otherwise there will be ischemia, so controlling time is important

The second time, the degree must have progressed. Not only did I tighten the muscles in my arms, but I also pulled them back significantly

After being locked for a while, TOKIME's movement began to slow down, and the cry began to disappear. Finally, I didn't even kick the ground. I just let go of my hand. As soon as I let go of my hand, TOKIME seemed to take a breath when he came out of the water after a long soak. He kept shaking his head to show fear

The sudden weight of her hand scared her, so let's give her some sweetness first. Let the vibrating toy give her some pleasure, but the process of pleasure is locked in her throat again

After just ten minutes of playing, TOKIME was paralyzed in my arms, so I let her operate the vibration to bring herself back to her senses

Every time I watch Shiyu's DIY, it's a kind of appreciation. Wearing long white silk legs with an M-shaped opening is very attractive. Watching her happy appearance, I added a plastic bag to her, which makes it easier for her to climb to the top with the help of the bag

The first time I opened the bag for her, her hand movements were already a bit messy. It seems that the oxygen consumption under stimulation is more severe. This pleasure is not related to time, and everyone's oxygen consumption is different, so don't always care about how long it takes

I handcuffed her behind the bag for the second time, and I scratched the soles of her feet on the side

This operation has caused her a lot of trouble, struggling helplessly and gasping for breath. Along the way, she also had to be stimulated by vibrations, and soon even her breathing was almost exhausted

As her movements became less and less, I knew that TOKIME was approaching the critical point, so I held her in my arms and quietly watched her enter the state

Quickly, her body began to shake, and every breath was like squeezing her lungs flat. I knew it was almost there, so I immediately opened the bag. At this moment, Shiyu's body also began to twitch, accompanied by vague moans of breathing, which was a state of confusion in consciousness

As her body calmed down, her breathing became even and it seemed like she was asleep

When I took off her scalp to rest, the rain started crying. But it wasn't as scary as before. It was a bit pitiful and tearful, but when it comes to feelings, I still smile and say, it's a bit cute. I will interview her this time and I must see the end

But the punishment for her has not ended yet. I also prepared a hanger to lift her hands and continue to torture her. I also added a pinhole headband under her scalp, which was already difficult to breathe and further limited the space by the scalp

Listening to the sound of air currents emanating from her skull, combined with the torment of vibration, I once again locked her throat

The throat lock under this set of equipment should be particularly painful, I think

After her whole body was forced to bend, when she let go, TOKIME's whole body fell limply, and then her hands were pulled to hang her body. I quickly held her up, untied the handcuffs, let her lie on the ground, pulled up her head, and saw her breathing hard

After everything was over, TOKIME untied the shackles, but the pinhole headgear had not been taken off, so I accepted the interview of this feeling. It was really interesting to watch her take a deep breath when she said a word

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