Atuo Blow Latex Doll Tiny Breath Hole Hood

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However, for the girls, this weather is still cool, TOKIME seems not too willing, but still agreed.

Sure enough, during the process of wearing the gel, she would shout like ice when each part of her body came into contact with the gel surface, and she was shaking throughout the entire process

So after getting dressed, I immediately placed her in the sun to warm up, and she only recovered from the hypothermia state, otherwise she would have to take a hot bath

Just got a challenging headpiece from a group friend.  The headpiece is completely sealed, with only a few extremely small holes in the mouth.  It's impossible to see without looking carefully

This type of headpiece requires the wearer to take deep breaths in order to inhale air through the small holes.  During the process, the headpiece completely covers the face, forming a contour of the face and mouth, resembling a sketch prop for a painful mask

We can't just jump straight into the hardcore.  Let's start with some warm-ups with TOKIME to activate her state.

The mask and the headpiece that separates the mask are the dropped equipment from VVISAGE during the last special event.  I haven't used them for shooting yet.  I have always liked this type of headpiece when watching overseas videos, so I dug it up today to imitate it.

Give Shi Yu a series of restraint props, such as handcuffs and footcuffs, and she will not be able to change her kneeling position and sit comfortably in a human dog bed.  First enjoy her gentle twisting and adjusting her posture

The charm of latex is so charming that I couldn't help but start working on this latex doll after watching it for a while.  I greedily touched every inch of her latex skin, using my hands instead of a polishing cloth to repeatedly buff her up, and then gave the doll vitality with a vibrating toy, watching her immobile body lie in my arms being wantonly ravaged

Suddenly pushing her forward, the entire body of the doll fell forward, with the feet held high by handcuffs, and the head tipped down into the pillow.  She needed to work hard to turn her face around to get rid of the pillow's obstruction, but the shock made it difficult for her to do such a simple action completely

After the shaking was enough, I began to increase her contact with the pillow.  Under this action, I only need to gently press her head and back, and the entire figure will sink into the pillow.  Originally, it only relied on two nostrils to maintain breathing, but now it is completely in a state of zero in and out.

After a while, I released my hand and the doll could not escape from the pillow by itself.  It was still buried inside, so I had to help her turn her face out.  At this time, I heard a very heavy breathing sound, which resonated with the film of the headpiece

The tormented doll in rough clothes, I opened her mask to let her breathe freely, but this operation came with a price.  She will turn into a human-shaped mouth.

I kept rubbing the mouth of the doll with a simulated dildo, and even did several deep throat exercises, holding her throat for dozens of seconds before taking it out.  While incorporating vibratory stimulation, I let her practice on her own, and after several times, her throat sensitivity slowly decreased, and a string of glittering saliva connected the dildo to her mouthpiece

It's almost time to warm up and use the main props.  I bound the puppet with a patent leather soul-binding dress on a steel pipe, put on a 15cm high-heeled shoe for her, and then put on a very fine-pore hood

With the headpiece on, the puppet's breathing became intense.  She had to breathe hard to maintain her life.  The headpiece was sucked into her mouth, forming a deep pit-like depression, occasionally showing the outline of her teeth, all showing how hard she was breathing

Such laborious breathing is very exhausting, and slowly the puppet stopped taking big breaths and could only take quick, small breaths.  But this was not smooth, so she had to rest for a while and then take deep breaths again

Next, she had to endure the shock of vibration, which completely disrupted her breathing rhythm.  The sensations of pleasure and respiration rushed to her head, and her feet began to falter and she was about to fall, but the steel tube restraining her body only allowed her to bend her feet slightly

Finally, the puppet expressed that she was unable to inhale deeply anymore, and shook her head to indicate that she had reached her limit.  I stopped and continued to watch her gasping helplessly on the pole

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