Rubber dog Dangerous crisis with bath detention detention !!!

  • Brand: MIRAIDOUGA出張所
  • Model dlrrs-135
  • Video Size: 1280×720
  • Data size: 542MB
  • Video Time: 19分58秒
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ¥4,290円
  • ¥990円

  • Ex Tax: ¥900円
  • Price in reward points: 900

Rubber dog (with anal plug shippo) Dangerous crisis with bath detention detention !!!
She was selected for a rubber man dog production plan and she got stuffed into a dog suits with an anal plug shippo and trained. Rubber dogs crying at the fear that bathtubs are gradually filled with hot water, but they blame their face with a shower and put a shame and silence. In the bathtub, the hot water gathers steadily and sinks, then puts it in the bathtub to the shower, it is put on the lid and is left unattended Rubber dogs What will happen? Listen to the scream of the ruby dogs overflowing from the tub.
It is sold at super special price with a bonus movie.
Omake movies interview the impressions after shooting at recording time of 2 minutes 35 seconds.
It is M child who is pleased with the feeling of crisis saying "It feels like being left in the sea with a man dog suit".
I am using Google translation.

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